Reflect: Celebration, Recognition, and the Third Wave

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July 2023 marks 20 years since the official start of Total Life Changes, a company born from the passionate vision of Founder Jack Fallon.

In 1999, Jack took a leap, leaving his job at Ford Motor Company to launch his first product, a liquid multivitamin called NutraBurst® that would eventually bring in hundreds, then thousands, of orders. For years, Jack and a small team operated from the basement of his Southeast Michigan home.

Eventually, the product gained popularity, and the basement could hardly contain the influx of orders. Phones rang incessantly, and the dedicated crew worked into the late hours of the night. People couldn’t get enough, and with each order, Jack proved that his dream could become a reality.

In 2003, Jack’s vision crystallized into an official company with a name to match its humble mission: to change as many lives as possible.

The rest is history.

Why “Reflect?”

In the spirit of our 20th anniversary, we named our annual convention Reflect to inspire our Life Changers to look back on their journey with TLC, providing opportunities for them to consider their achievements and forge a path to future success.

Reflection involves more than just looking in the rearview mirror. It’s about reconnecting with the heart, looking inward to move forward.

Building Momentum

On July 6, a wave of energy swept through Detroit, Michigan, as hundreds of enthusiastic Life Changers gathered at the MotorCity Casino, not far from the home of TLC’s humble basement beginnings, as well as our current headquarters.

On Thursday, TLC’s executive team kicked off the event with training designed to ignite both new and seasoned Life Changers, delving into topics such as building engagement on social media, connecting with customers, becoming an effective leader, and more.

Attendees proved ready to fully immerse themselves, engaging in a workshop about the power of the pitch before splitting into groups based on rank for an honest, open discussion about areas for growth.

Friday built on Thursday’s momentum, beginning with a keynote address from Jack Fallon, who reflected on TLC’s milestones over the past 20 years. Chief Operating Officer John Licari initiated a 25X Business Blitz, the room buzzing with activity as Life Changers raced to sell packs of our best-selling product, Iaso® Tea.

The event center erupted with excitement as the announcement of Watermelon Iaso® Instant Teaa brand-new limited edition of TLC’s well-known cleansing tea infused with a sweet summer flavor—had guests rushing to be the first to grab a pack.

The first two days of Reflect surged with momentum, radiating the energy of Life Changers feeling reinvigorated and ready to get down to business.

Celebrating Your Impact

Saturday’s main event celebrated the heart of TLC: the passionate Life Changers who work tirelessly to help others. Every Life Changer claimed a well-deserved moment in the spotlight, from the Associates just launching their businesses to the Ambassadors who have spent years creating an enduring impact.

From rank recognition to awards, Saturday’s grand ceremony welcomed every Life Changer on stage, inviting all to reflect on their unlimited potential.

The focal point of Reflect was recognizing exceptional achievers within the TLC community, like Director Adriana Forero, who earned our first Breakout Award. Adriana saw a recent burst of activity that rapidly grew her business, proving the heights that Life Changers can reach even in the earliest stages of their journey.

Ambassador James Dentley received our Legacy Award for his unwavering commitment to helping others. Since joining TLC in 2013, James and his family have reached hundreds of thousands, sharing not only TLC’s products but a message of hope.

Seven Life Changers were awarded for representing one of TLC’s core values, the principles the company holds dear not just as an organization but as individuals seeking to have a positive impact. These seven individuals reflect the ambition, passion, gratitude, generosity, and love that TLC seeks to display.

To acknowledge our biggest initiative of the past year, those who committed to The 15 Day Challenge and were selected as finalists in a previous contest took the stage. Among them stood Regional Director Rose Alvarado, the third-place winner in our most recent contest who was also recognized as a top retailer, enroller, and promoter of TLC’s newest tool for success, the 25X System.

This year’s convention introduced the Impact Award, for which each member of TLC’s executive staff chose one Life Changer whose unique accomplishments and dedication to their business and community deserved a special honor. Each winner gave a short speech, many stating that the award would empower them to continue pushing their business forward.

Phillip Birchfield received the highest honor of the night: the Stormy Wellington Vitruvian Award. As an influential leader on Team Shaw, an inspiration to many in the TLC community, and an active Ambassador seeking to inspire others, particularly men, to make their health a priority, Phillip provides a strong example of what it means to be a Life Changer.

The Third Wave

A hush fell over the crowd when TLC’s only Elite Ambassador, Stormy Wellington, took the stage. In a speech powered by passion and intensity, Stormy called on Life Changers to embrace their purpose: to lead with love and compassion. She shared pieces of her story, explained how she built her success, and encouraged all to set high standards for themselves.

Stormy declared that a third wave is coming to TLC, a result of the renewed determination that Reflect inspired. She revealed her mission to reach 100,000 new customers within the following 90 days and encouraged every Life Changer to leave Reflect with a goal to pursue with drive like never before.

With the event center set ablaze with energy, Reflect moved to its final stage: the ring ceremony. Over a dozen Life Changers received rings for their lifetime earnings, officially entering the ranks of TLC’s top earners. In true TLC spirit, when husband and wife Global Director Jose Luna and Director Gabriela Ortiz received their seven-figure rings, they did not celebrate their victory alone. Instead, they shared the stage with members of their team from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Guatemala, El Salvador, and more, demonstrating the strength of TLC’s global force.

Reflect reminded us why we call our Life Changers a family. Throughout the three-day event, Life Changers of various ranks, countries, and backgrounds shared advice, supported one another, and erupted into applause to celebrate one another’s successes. This event proved that we love each other, period.

Your Turn to Reflect

What is your next goal? What do you want to accomplish in your business this year? What steps will you take toward success, and how can we help?

Now is your time to reflect. Jack Fallon began TLC with a dream, and it grew into a global force of thousands dedicated to changing lives. You can do the same.

Are you ready to ride the third wave?

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