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Phillip Birchfield

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Phillip Birchfield, an Ambassador with Total Life Changes.

A resident of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Phillip is the embodiment of the Total Life Changes model for success. Having joined the company in May of 2014, he now leads a team of thousands of marketers. Like many of TLC’s top earners, this is not his first experience in the network marketing field.

In fact, Phillip had spent more than 20 years with various companies, painstakingly building hundred-strong teams and committing himself entirely to their business models. And yet, he was never able to get over the hump with any of these companies.

Discussions with his eventual sponsor Dominic Moore and TLC Founder Jack Fallon convinced him he could achieve more. Having personally struggled with his weight in the past, Phillip was shocked at the results when he sampled Iaso® Tea.*

After taking a look at TLC’s compensation plan, he called up his sponsor immediately. “We are gonna help a lot of people, and make some money along the way.”**

“It’s become my mission to show people that network marketing is a level playing field. Anyone who puts in the effort can truly make it! My mother Edna Ellis is a National Marketing Director.”

While it seems like TLC success must run in Birchfield’s blood, he would not have reached the rank of Ambassador without a great personality and a strong work ethic. His activity on social media has helped spread word of his accomplishments far and wide, and he has been able to make connections in some unexpected places.

Phillip Birchfield“My biggest talent is recognizing new potential team members when I meet them, and giving them the practical support they need to grow,” Phillip says. “I recently began mentoring a powerful Amish couple, James and Rose Lengacher. I helped them understand the compensation plan about two years ago in Harland, Indiana. They’re now National Marketing Directors. The Amish team has grown exponentially, and I regularly support their meetings and events.”

Phillip’s radical success is a testament to the possibilities Total Life Changes offers to those with the passion and vision to pursue their best life. “I really did start from zero with TLC, and there’s no telling how far I can go.”

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