Meet The HQ Leadership Team!

Our offices work day in and day out to make sure our Life Changers have the best opportunity possible. Here are the leaders that make sure everythings put in place.

Jack Fallon

Chief Vision Officer

Jack believes by operating with the same foundational principles from our basement beginnings; be honest, work hard, and build trust amongst our customers and Life Changers all around the world.

John Licari

Chief Operations Officer

John’s dedication toward building a community of valued customers and personal relationships with Life Changers is demonstrated in his demeanor and his work ethic on a daily basis.

Scott Bania

Chief Communications Officer

Scott’s ability to adapt to a number of global markets, executive responsibilities and foster a strong marketing team has been instrumental to TLC’s global reach.

Rosa Gonzalez

Director of International Relations

Rosa had her start the basement of Founder and CEO Jack Fallon’s home. She has served TLC’s community of customers and Life Changers with enthusiasm, passion, and dedication.

Craig Cole

Director of Public Affairs

Serving as a respected Law Enforcement Officer for two decades, Craig joins TLC to bolster internal and external communications.

Natalie Paramo

Director of Customer and User Experience

Natalie carefully coordinates her team of UX experts and crafts user-friendly material for the TLC apps, back office, trainings, and much more.

Lucy Sandoval

Director of Latin American Operations

Lucy is the key communicator between all of the Latin America markets and Total Life Changes Headquarters. She coordinates with her Latin American teams to create and plan high energy, unforgettable events.

Ileana Simplicean

General Counsel

Ileana serves as TLC’s General Counsel, where she can use her international experience to help TLC further expand into global markets.


Evan Brengman

Director Of  Global Supply Chain

Evan helps TLC’s products get into the hands of the people who need them as quickly as possible, ensuring the sort of experience TLC fans have come to expect.