Are you a new Life Changer looking for a fast start? Look no further than the 25X System!

25X was designed to help get you up and running quickly, even if you have no prior sales experience. It’s about customer convenience and personal growth. You will be getting TLC’s flagship product into your customers’ hands as fast as possible while you ease into our proven 10-5-2 method to grow your sales and recruit others to your network.

It all starts with the 25X Business Builder Pack, which includes 25 packs of Iaso® Original Brew Tea, as well as 25 sachets of Iaso® Original Instant Tea to provide an immediate taste of what’s to come while the original formula brews!

It’s about simplicity. All too often, sales can feel daunting and overwhelming to those who are new to it. Life Changers who purchase the 25X Business Builder Pack will receive FREE digital tools to help them organize their sales activities while learning how to thrive in the world of direct selling.

25X Business Builder PackWhat to Expect

Purchasing the 25X Business Builder Pack is easy.

If you’re just starting off at TLC, click here to enroll. When you purchase the kit as a new Life Changer, the price will adjust at checkout to give you a FREE Digital Starter Kit to guide you into the direct-selling process.

Already enrolled? Just log in and visit our shop site, then search for the “25X Business Builder Pack!” (This product is not available to the general public.)

From there, it’s just a matter of…

  • Reaching out to 100 people
    Start making a list of 100 people you’d like to sell to. Don’t worry if you don’t know 100 people; the 25X System will also guide you through asking for referrals!
  • Tracking your progress
    Keeping track of your sales and referrals is easy with our simple tools.
  • Growing your network
    Recruit excited and passionate customers onto your team of Life Changers! As your network grows, new and exciting levels open up for you!



In summary, the 25X System is an innovative way to jumpstart your new direct-selling business. With a low startup cost and convenient packaging, you’ll be able to start selling our flagship product quickly and easily. Plus, with the system’s digital tools, you’ll be able to manage your business more efficiently.

Our 25X System makes it easier for you to change your life and the lives of others! Click here to learn more details about the 25X System, and good luck!


By Gary Path, Sr. Creative Content Writer

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