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The TLC brand is built on the same principles from our basement beginnings. We work hard every day to make sure our customers feel healthier and more energized, our employees feel inspired, and our Life Changers feel supported and excited. Our brand’s foundation lies in our belief in each of our seven core values. While operating by these seven core values, and changing lives around the world, we are accomplishing our purpose: Providing products and a community that you’ll feel!


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Our Core Values

What Drives Us

To support our purpose of providing products and a community that you’ll feel, we operate by seven core values. These core values are reinforced, protected and celebrated in everything that TLC does. We realize that operating under the umbrella of our values has made us successful so far, and by continuing to operate under them keep us on the path of continual growth into the future.

We are always hungry for more.

Passion is our fuel.

Having fun we get more work done.

We love each other. Period.

Grateful is our mindset.

Our standard is giving more than what’s expected.

We don’t just do what’s easy, we do what’s right.

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“No matter how big we get,
we can’t vary from what
we are all about.”

Jack FallonFounder & Chief Vision Officer
Our Story

From Basement Beginnings to Global Enterprise

Store holiday decorations. Set up a kid’s playroom. Host family gatherings. Those are just some of the typical things that happen in a family basement. For our CVO Jack Fallon, it’s where he created a one-of-a-kind company that has forever changed the lives of thousands of people around the world.

After working on the assembly line at Ford Motor Company for over a decade, Jack really believed his true calling was somewhere else. He liked the idea of being his own boss, however, he needed to truly believe in the product if he was going to sell something. It had to be high quality, effective, and affordable for all. “If I was to reach my goal of helping others with their health and financial wellness, I would need to create the company myself,” says Fallon.

After incorporating in 2002 and working double-duty for eight years to help his company take off, Jack finally left Ford in 2008 to expand TLC and ultimately live a lifestyle that made him feel happier and healthier. And he wanted to help thousands around the world feel it, too.

Jack believes by operating with the same foundational principles from our basement beginnings: be honest, work hard, and build trust amongst our customers and Life Changers all around the world. Our focus will continue to be on attracting loyal customers and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are seeking industry-leading products that really work and are easily shared with others. “We’re working hard every day to make sure our customers feel healthier and more energized, our employees feel inspired, and our Life Changers feel supported and excited for their unlimited income potential,” says Jack. Because, at the start and end of each day, it’s all about helping people make Total Life Changes.

TLC makes it a priority to continually look for solid products that are affordable, effective, and of the highest quality. We want our products to be accessible to anyone who would like them, so we’ve worked hard to maintain a business model where the products are affordable in every market. And when it comes to the effectiveness of our products, TLC uses only the highest grade of vitamins and supplements. We know what products are working or selling, and before introducing any new product to the marketplace, we put it through testing and trials with employees, customers, focus groups, and more. TLC also makes it a priority to stay on top of the latest nutritional news and trends, and we are always looking for opportunities to bring new products to the marketplace. Today, the TLC product line includes an array of wellness solutions developed to help people look and feel their best, including: vitamins, weight loss supplements, coffees, essential oils, skin care products, and more.

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