Product Testimonies From People Who’ve Felt It!

TLC uses only the highest grade of vitamins and supplements, which lets our customers see results quickly and easily. Take a look at some of these inspiring testimonials below and see how others have felt it!

Marsha A.

Mother of one
Lost 70lbs

“You are looking at someone who smoked and consumed alcohol every day. I am living my best life now and my daughter is so much happier. She’s seeing her mom doing great things with her life and inspiring others.”

Marsha used Iaso® Tea, NutraBurst, and NRG

Talinthia B.

Mother of two
Lost 55lbs

“My original plan was to help my daughter lose weight, but I realized I was the one that really needed to lose the weight more than ever.”

Talinthia used Iaso® Tea, NutraBurst, and NRG

Jason B.

Father of two
Lost 105lbs

In 2017, I realized it was time for a lifestyle change when I went to the doctor and failed my physical. I started my TLC journey soon after that and didn’t look back! I began consuming my TLC products daily and it left me feeling energized and motivated. I prepared healthier meals and cut out a lot of unhealthy foods. It wasn’t long before I made another lifestyle change and began exercising daily, even if it was only 30 minutes. With a lot of discipline and hard work I am grateful to say I was able to shed 105 lbs. over the last 4 years. These lifestyle changes and weight loss have given me the freedom to be medication free!

Jason used Iaso® Tea, Resolution Drops, Life Drops, and NRG

Linda F.

Married, Teacher
Lost 71lbs

“I was fat and exhausted from teaching special education students all day. The last thing I had the energy to do was to come home and take care of my 3 grandsons. Now, I come home, cook, play, and enjoy spending quality time with my family on a daily basis.”

Linda used Iaso® Tea, Resolution Drops, Delgada, and NRG

Cory B.

Lost 100lbs

“Within the first month of drinking the tea I had incredible results.”

Cory used Iaso® Tea

Niki B.

Mother of three
Lost 50lbs

“I gave in and got a week supply of tea and oh my word I was hooked.”

Niki used Iaso® Tea

Why do I like it so much? Because it fits right into my lifestyle. I'm a mom, I'm a nurse, I'm always on the go.

Merideth BrownMom, Nurse

Angela J.

Lost 100lbs

“I worked the products using our Original Iaso tea, Resolution drops, Techui and NRG.”

Angela used Iaso® Tea, Resolution Drops, Techui and NRG.

Sonia A.

Mother of 4
Lost 50lbs

“3 years ago I found out about TLC on Facebook and was impressed by the transformations. I saw and kept seeing a little green sachet of tea all over Facebook so I decided to try it.”

Sonia used Iaso® Tea, Resolution Drops, NutraBurst, and NRG

Lacey E.

Mother of 2
Lost 65lbs

“The person on the left was miserable, tired, never motivated, uncomfortable in her own skin. The person on the right is the new me. Focused, driven, works out, eats way better. I know I am a better mom and wife.”

Lacey used Iaso® Tea, NutraBurst, NRG, and the Resolution Meal Plan

Martha M.

Mother of 3, Grandmother
Lost 50lbs

“I feel like a 30 year old. I have 3 kids and 8 grandkids and people tell me that I don’t look like a grandma.”

Martha used Iaso® Tea.

Karla G.

Mother of 2
Lost 50lbs

“Before being a mother, I was always thin, but after two children by body changed. I was struggling to lose weight. I lost my job, my son was diagnosed with a cognitive disorder, lost my home, and I became extremely depressed.  I thank God that I was introduced to Total Life Changes.”

Karla used Iaso® Tea, NutraBurst®, NRG, and Resolution Drops.

Nina S.

Lost 50lbs

“I was wearing size 12 in pants now I am wearing size 6 I am very excited and my goal is to help other people by sharing my testimony.”

I have the energy to get up at the crack of dawn, and to come hiking a couple miles..."

Shane SmithMom

Jeff R.

Lost 142lbs

“Now that my life has been changed I am moving and breathing with the heart and PASSION of a Life CHANGER as I reach out with hope to help others.  Thank you God for answering my prayers and giving me TLC because TLC has been a life saver for me.”

Jeff used Iaso® Tea, Nutraburst, Resolution Drops, NRG, Iaso Instant Tea, and Phyte

Jamika S.

Lost 70lbs

“Total Life Changes changed my life.  I lost 2.5lbs in the first week of trying the tea and it was on from there. I’ve lost over 65lbs using the TLC products.”

Jamika used Iaso® Tea, NRG, NutraBurst

Khadijah W.

Married, Teacher
Lost 66lbs

“I have lost at total of 66 pounds in 11 months. I have kept the weight off .  TLC’s products have given me my life back.”

Cleautrice S.

Lost "only a few" lbs

“I have taken EVERY diet pill that ever came to market, even from China, Canada AND Mexico!!! Lost weight…gained it all back and then some more pounds with it!!! I needed a Life Change!!! I found it with TLC!!! Thank you so much for being the answer to my prayers!”

Cleautrice used Fat Burner kit, Slim AM and PM, Resolution and Life Drops

Kaya C.

TV Host
Lost 43lbs

“TLC gave me my life back, my confidence back and my sexy back. I feel brand new again. Thank you TLC.”

Kaya used Instant Iaso® Tea, Nutraburst, and NRG

Jenise A.

Lost 60lbs

“My highest weight at 273 November 6, 2018, last weigh in June 4th 2019 at 213! I Went from 18/20 to 14/16. No longer stressed and depressed! Grateful and blessed!”

Jenise used Instant and Original Iaso® Tea, Delgada, NRG, Slim AM and PM, Resolution and Life Drops

Juliette F.

Lost 29lbs

“I gained about 22 lbs. during the winterso it was perfectly timed! So, I started my detox with Iaso® Tea Instant for two months, and I didn’t see results. But despite the setback, I didn’t give up! I used the Fat Burner Kit and then tried the Slim PM, the NutraBurst+ and Delgada, which are my absolute favorites! My results? I lost 29 lbs., I have a flat stomach, better digestion, and a feeling of absolute wellbeing! Thank you, TLC, for changing my life.”

Juliette used Iaso® Tea Instant, Nutraburst+, SlimPM, Resolution Drops, NRG, and Delgada

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