Water is essential for us to survive and thrive, so why is it so difficult for many to stay hydrated?

Perhaps it’s because carrying a water bottle to work, during exercise, or while out and about isn’t always convenient. It could be that we have too many tasks in our busy schedules to prioritize hydration.

Maybe we neglect water because bubbly, delicious soft drinks are just too tempting for us to resist. Or maybe, as is human nature, we just forget to drink water.

The 15 Day Challenge includes staying hydrated as a key component of a healthy lifestyle. But if you’re not used to drinking enough water, it can be a difficult habit to maintain.

These five tips can help you incorporate water into your everyday routine and make staying hydrated second nature!

Drinking water before bed1. Connect water to your daily routine.

Link water to activities you can’t go a day without. Get the morning off to a productive start by drinking a glass as soon as you wake up and unwind at night with another before you go to bed. Begin and end every day by taking care of yourself!

Add water to routine parts of your day to make it feel more natural. Instead of taking just a sip to swallow your vitamins or other supplements in the morning, drink a full glass! Try drinking a glass after you go to the bathroom or before every meal. Plus, consuming water before you eat could help you feel fuller and avoid the temptation of downing a soda with dinner!

2. Add slices of fruit or veggies to your water!

If the taste of water holds you back, try adding a splash of flavor! Not only will certain foods provide extra fluids, but they can give your water a more satisfying taste.

Many participants in The 15 Day Challenge, like Jill Sturge, add slices of fruit directly to their water—or even freeze small bits of fruit in ice cubes—to mimic the taste of juice without the hidden sugars!

A 15 Day Challenge time-marked water bottle3. Set a schedule around your goals.

Establish a goal for your daily water intake and break it up to spread throughout your day. For example, if your aim is to drink 64 oz. of water per day, set timers on your phone as a reminder to drink an 8 oz. glass eight times per day!

Consider using a time-marked water bottle to help you keep track of your progress! These bottles can help you visualize how much you should drink every day, give you an hourly goal to reach, and provide a push when you’re falling behind!

4. Take a water bottle everywhere!

Though carrying a water bottle isn’t always convenient, particularly when you’re out and about, having water on hand may inspire you to drink more and give you the ability to hydrate in an emergency.

If you forget to grab water on your way out the door, keep a bottle on your desk at work or stash mini bottles in your car! Can’t refill a bottle throughout the day? Try using a big jug to hold all the water you need. Some water bottles also come equipped with a strap or sling for easy transportation during exercise!

5. Use resources to hold yourself accountable. Drinking water after a 15 Day Challenge workout

A variety of digital assets exist to help you stay on track with hydration! For example, The 15 Day Challenge provides a free success tracker and checklist. Mark off every day you’ve drunk enough water to reward yourself for staying on top of your daily goals!

Looking for extra encouragement? Try posting about your hydration goals on social media! The 15 Day Challenge has an online community full of motivating people. If you share your struggles with drinking enough water, someone else has likely had the same problem and may have a tip to help! At the same time, if you have a trick that helps you stay on track, you never know who may need to hear it!

Staying hydrated can be challenging, but it’s essential.

Water is not only imperative to your survival, but it’s key to a healthy lifestyle. The more you incorporate water into your daily routine, the more it will feel like a necessity rather than a nuisance. Remember: Small steps can lead to significant results. Take the first step today!




By Morgan Brown, Creative Content Writer

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