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Jose Luna

By February 18, 2016 March 3rd, 2022 No Comments

Total Life Changes’ new Global Director, Jose Luna grew up in a small town in El Salvador in Central America and is currently living in Long Island, New York. He joined TLC on February 18, 2016. He had the privilege to meet his sponsor, current TLC Global Director Luis Ventura from a previous business venture.

Jose knew from the moment Luis presented the opportunity that he was ready to make a difference in many peoples’ lives. He understood Luis’ drive, his passion, and his work ethics were a great match for Total Life Changes’ product portfolio and hybrid binary compensation plan.

Jose’s purpose for joining TLC is to leave a legacy for his family. Jose Luna proclaims that Iaso Tea has made a big difference in his life. When he started drinking it on a regular basis, the changes in weight loss, skin, and overall health were incredible. It became part of his daily life.

His emotions and vision were clear to him, and felt as if God was with him; “Nothing would stop me. Success comes when people are winning and happy with their accomplishments,” says Luna.

The NutraBurst is another one of his favorites, due to the energy and the abundance of nutrients it gives him. He states, that it’s essential when daily intake is not met. Jose is no stranger to the full lineup of health, wellness, and beauty products. He’s tried them all and he loves the difference it’s making to his health.

He was asked to discuss some of his customers’ and team members’ testimonies, but, it was hard for him to choose. The testimonies he reviewed, left him speechless.

Acknowledging other’s results while using the products and the changes in their lives is exciting and inspirational to him. “It is so hard to choose just a few among all the great testimonies. So many of my customers are having great results with the Iaso® Tea, our hero product. The NutraBurst is very popular among mothers because it is a safe liquid multivitamin for everyone in their home.” explains Jose.*

Jose Luna recognizes TLC as a truly amazing company; having grown from the basement of Founder and CEO Jack Fallon’s basement in 1999 to a Top 100 Global Direct Selling Company (2016-2017, Direct Selling News, Global 100). Working with TLC and the success behind teamwork through proven results is inspirational to him.  The long-term relationship with families is what motivates him to continue.  His monthly income continues to increase and he’s grateful to have had the opportunity.**

Jose indicates that TLC has provided a chance for self-expression and team development, but most importantly, mirroring what a corporate family is. He states that the key difference TLC offers is the diversity and the support between everyone. Jose explains, “We all have visions and dreams and we accomplish it all by supporting one another.”

Jose is aware that TLC is attracting a diverse demographic of entrepreneurs like himself, and he agrees it’s the great products and amazing compensation plan that sets it apart. The extraordinary leadership is what pushes him to his short-term goal of developing 50 National directors.  His long-term goal pertains to helping 1,000 families.

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