Tips from the Field: Taking Your Customers Beyond the Sale

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In the dynamic industry of network marketing, forming long-lasting relationships with your customers is key to long-term success.

At Total Life Changes, sales go beyond one-time transactions. When you get to know your customers personally and understand their unique needs, you’re not only better equipped to provide them with the right products, but you’ll be able to identify whether they’d Cartoon graphic of a woman working from laptop and a man on the phonemake a good fit for your team.

Transcend the Transaction

Every interaction is an opportunity for you to inspire, guide, and empower your customers to begin a journey, whether they’re working on their health or ready to become part of the TLC community. How you interact with your customers marks the difference between a seller and a Life Changer.

Associate Andrea del Pilar Cruz Rodriguez, who has been with TLC for nearly two years, shares her advice to help Life Changers take relationships with their customers beyond the sale.

How to Sell to Recruit

“1. Don’t be a seller.

We are not sellers. We are Life Changers. Avoid chasing your customers or overwhelming them with messages every day to make them buy from you. Remember, you have the solution to a problem in your hands.

2. Know your customers.

The secret is to ask, ask, and ask. When you show interest in wanting to know your customers’ needs, you will have the tools to better achieve a sale. Remember, the more you ask, the more you sell.Andrea Cruz holds a pack of Iaso Brew Tea

3. Close a strong sale.

Handle customers’ deflections in a good way. Give educated answers to their questions, create strategies that encourage sales, offer gifts, and create added value that differentiates you from others. With this, they will be less resistant and buy happily.

4. Be there for your customers.

Be the advisor you’ve always wanted. Get to know your customers, ask how they’re feeling, celebrate their triumphs, and support them in their failures. Have material ready to give instructions during the process of consuming the products. Be clear, invite them to product presentations, and create raffles. Don’t leave them on their own!

5. Tell them about your business.

After your customers are happy with you and the products, talk about the business, its advantages, and how much you’ve earned through their purchase. Show them that they can do it, too! Offer for them to join the company by repurchasing their favorite product.”

Our Advice for Connecting with Customers

Incorporating these strategies into your everyday approach as a Life Changer can lead to transformative results for your business, helping you build relationships, close strong sales, and ultimately expand your team.

For more advice on connecting with customers, recruiting new team members, using social media to attract attention, maximizing retention and engagement, and more, check out our training library. We upload new webinars weekly to help you expand your network, increase your sales, and lead a strong team.

By taking the time to understand your customers, you can offer solutions to meet their needs, from products to support their health goals to an opportunity to earn extra income. It starts by taking your connections beyond the sale!




By Morgan Brown, Creative Content Writer

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