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Jason Rodriguez

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When it comes to finding success in this life, much is out of the individual’s hands: luck, talent, privilege, connections. But one factor that can sometimes shift the balance is pure hard work.

In 2012, at just 17, Jason Rodriguez was already taking his first shot at working in multi-level marketing (MLM). When that initial experience didn’t work out, he ended up slogging through rough 12 hour days at minimum wage. But unlike many teens, Jason expected more and was willing to take risks to get there.

The Dominican Republic is a populous country, but in many ways, the island is also very small. Jason discovered Total Life Changes when his mother was invited by a family friend to a meeting, and he counts Global Directors and above like Jose Luna, Ana Cantera, and Stormy Wellington as acquaintances.

Once he’d accepted the TLC opportunity, his charmed first week was a harbinger of the success to come.

“My first 48 hours were very surprising given that Id had no previous success in the industry,” says Jason. “I managed to enroll my first two people to become binary qualified.”**

According to Jason, the keys to his success are dreaming big (he also recently graduated college with a degree in architecture) and strong support from his family, his mother in particular.

“TLC works for me because not having a boss is so appealing,” he says. “I get to say no to having someone else set my schedule, give me orders, decide my wage and approve or deny my choices. As a young man, it feels good to know I’m able to make my own way.”

Within 18 months of joining TLC, Jason has already achieved one of his most ambitious goals: becoming the company’s youngest-ever National Director.**

TLC not only has the best compensation plan, but it has no trapdoors. Most companies offer very appealing plans, but the requirements to accomplish those goals make them impossible to reach. Here in TLC, its simple, and everyone can make it big.**

Jason cites NutraBurst®, Iaso® Tea and Chaga as his favorite products, claiming that they help provide him with the energy he needs to build his expanding business.*

This year we plan to help five people to create a six-figure income and clear 10,000 team members overall.** “We’re going to create a youth movement in MLM, and I’m going to keep breaking all the youngest records TLC has to offer.”

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**Results may vary and are based on a Life Changer’s individual sales skills, effort, aptitude, business experience, knowledge, and level of aspiration. Total Life Changes does not guarantee your results or success.

*Of the US Life Changers who earned compensation in 2023, the average annual earnings of those LCs, before expenses, was $966.44. Fifty percent (50%) of the LCs who earned compensation made more than $84.00, while the other half made less. See full Income Disclosure Statement here.

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