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DeAngelo Malcolm

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By: Ashley Luckee Lead Copywriter at Total Life Changes

DeAngelo Malcolm joined Total Life Changes (TLC) in 2015 when he decided to put his health at the forefront of his life. He was introduced to his sponsor Scott Bent, who is his cousin, and was given a sample of the Iaso® Tea and was convinced that he could lose weight just as Scott had. DeAngelo states his “why,” saying he wanted to see his children achieve their goals:

“I wanted to see my children grow, and I couldn’t do it while being unhealthy. I wanted to be here for a long time, and I was almost 400 lbs.* so I needed to change that.”

DeAngelo’s whole family enjoys the products and has taken part in a positive lifestyle change. He says that NutraBurst helped his son to feel healthier on a day-to-day basis. His favorite products are NRG, Resolution, and NutraBurst, and has lost a total of 85 lbs. over the past five years using the products with improved diet and exercise.*

DeAngelo says TLC’s culture has a family environment, focusing on multicultural diversity, with a spiritual overtone. He says that the core value “we love each other period” resonates with him and can be felt throughout the company.

TLC allows him to offer other’s products that promote a lifestyle change, physically and mentally:

“TLC has rewarded so many people that I’ve connected with. It allows the little guy to win.”

In the short term, DeAngelo wants to expose more people to the TLC business opportunity. In the long term, he wants to build a team of people who have changed their life, including their health and wealth.**

“Total Life Changes has become a part of who I am, and the products have changed my life. The culture has helped me to see the world as bigger and broader, and I appreciate the leadership, Jack Fallon (CEO), John Licari (COO), and Rosa Gonzalez (International Relations). I love the people who put in the hard work, like customer service. They get slammed, but they handle it with so much grace and dignity, I appreciate that.”

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