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Leslie and Bennie Williams

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Leslie And Bennie WilliamsLeslie and Bennie Williams joined the business in February 2018. “Coach” Stormy Wellington was a good friend of Leslie’s, and they had been partners in a past network marketing business, so the partnership was a no brainer. Her initial challenge when starting the business was balancing her weight-loss progress with her business and making sure that the products would genuinely work for others.

Leslie says her “why” was to become financially stable and spend more quality time with her husband.** She also emphasizes she wants to build a thriving business while staying healthy as well. She improves her health with the NutraBurst®, NRG, and the original Iaso® Tea and says that she lost the most weight with the tea, losing 15 lbs. in 3 weeks.*

“The brewed tea is pretty much what I live by. My husband and I make gallons of the brewed tea every day.”

One of her team members, Sheila Woodward, had great success using NRG and NutraBurst®:

“One of my National Directors, Sheila Woodward, she stands out. Her transformation has been inspirational and is one of the best. She has been able to maintain her weight; she’s built muscle. I’d say she’s the most qualified to teach the team about how to reach our fitness goals.”*

Leslie says that the culture of TLC is fun, uplifting, and educational, and has a fantastic vibe and energy to it. What sets it apart from her past experiences is the community involvement and the leadership’s hard work, especially from Jack and John, and the social media engagement.

TLC has allowed her to share their success and encourage TLC’s business opportunity for others. In the short term, she wants to open a few retail stores in neighboring states around the Washington D.C. area. In the long term, she wants to become an Executive Ambassador and continue to build teams across the world.

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