By: Ashley Luckee Lead Copywriter at Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes® (TLC) has been making changes. One of the biggest changes is the new website! It is full of valuable information about the company, and of course the products that TLC is most proud of. Most importantly, you can feel the positive and welcoming energy that TLC wants to bring to you. Let’s take a look at some of the new pages:

1. About TLC

This focuses on TLC’s vision, values and basement beginnings. We want to show the impact of TLC, how it was founded, and show that we are just like you. We want to bring you not only the best products with high-quality ingredients, but also a higher quality of customer service. The brand does just that.

2. Why TLC?

You may have been asked or even asked yourself “Why should I choose TLC? Why are they the best choice for a health and wellness MLM business?” This page highlights just that. We have been voted Best Place to Work in 2019, #1 Best Compensation Plan in 2016, #1 Best Global Direct Selling Product, and has an A+ rating on the BBB. We want to show that the products really do work with their product testimonials. We want to make sure that people in every market can afford their life-changing products. TLC strives to be as transparent as possible and inspire others to take on their weight loss and health journey and achieve their goals.

There are also many amazing perks of being a TLC community member, such as performance bonuses, awards, and events. We even have retail challenges, like the G5 Challenge, which makes it easy for new retailers to make back their investments and then some. It’s also motivating for other Life Changers as well, and the rewards are endless. You will feel great, because you are changing the lives of others, as well as your own.

Also highlighted on this page is one of the top ways we celebrate our retail force. An event special to 50 top retailers is known as the Top Retailers Retreat. This is a paid vacation to an all-inclusive resort. TLC wants to let its Life Changers know they are appreciated, and they deserve to be rewarded.

We also have daily Facebook Live broadcasts with rewards, such as Live with Jack and John every day at 2 pm EST, and Fun Fridays on Fridays at 2 pm EST. TLC is a community and wants to make sure you stay informed and get your questions or feedback answered live.

Last but not least, we focus in on our 5in5 App. TLC makes it easy to manage sampling and keep organized with this app. You can easily send out samples, manage your business, and educate yourself on new products in one simple place.

3. Giving Back

At TLC, our standard is giving more than expected. We want to make sure to give back to communities that need it the most. We have donated over $32,500 to charities in 2019 alone. Some charities they have donated to include It’s From The Sole and Boys and Girls Club of Fort Wayne.

4. Product Testimonials

TLC doesn’t want to just show off its products, we want you to Feel It! There are many people who felt it, and we want to celebrate their hard work and showcase the products that they love. TLC is for everyone, and you can always find products that are right for you and your lifestyle. We want to show you real results, and make sure you stay motivated and inspired.

5. Insights

TLC wants to give customers resources so they can stay inspired and informed. We want to make sure you have ideas and ways to incorporate our values into your life. There are motivational articles about lifestyle, health and wellness, and general tips, Life Changers, in-depth ingredient breakdowns, and meal suggestions that are Resolution Meal Plan approved. Staying curious is always a good way to stay motivated in your weight loss and health journey.

6. Product Page

TLC wants the products to be easy to take and easy to talk about. There are product videos, intended benefits, ingredients, downloadable fact sheets, products that pair well with other products, and product testimonies. This makes it easy to understand and makes the shopping experience more immersive and personal.

TLC wants customers to feel their vision and the impact of the products and made sure the new website reflects that. We want our Life Changers to be engaged, and we want our customers to really feel what we are all about. Feel it here!

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