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It’s From the Sole focuses on collecting gently used shoes and refurbishing them to donate to those in need. Founder Andre McDonald was compelled to start this organization after giving his shoes to a homeless man. As quoted from their website:

“In 2012, after playing basketball with friends, I spotted a homeless man with no shoes on his feet. A sense of urgency came over me that nudged my soul to take action. I took the sneakers off my feet and offered them to this gentleman. It made me realize there are many unfortunate people similar to his man, without so much as a decent pair of shoes. I knew in my heart there had to be something more I could do to make their walk-through life a little easier.”

TLC’s founder, Jack Fallon, and COO John Licari met Andre by chance in a New York City Puma retail store. A quick conversation led to a lifetime partnership to support Andre’s foundation. TLC featured Andre and his foundation in September 2019 at a weekend event in New York.

To date, this organization has donated over 24,000 pairs of shoes to needy individuals in New York City, Philadelphia, Norristown, Washington, DC; San Antonio, Houston, Huntsville, Seattle, Barbados; Jamaica, Colombia, Guyana, Paris, London, Gueye, and more.

To be a part of this movement, you can volunteer for the Sneaker Walks, donate shoes directly, or even donate via PayPal.

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