Life can be hard.

Maybe you feel unfulfilled or underappreciated in your job, or maybe you need help paying the bills. Regardless of your circumstances, in these uncertain times, it’s normal to feel that you’re not in control.

Maybe it’s time for a Total Life Change.

Becoming a Life Changer puts you in the driver’s seat.

If you’re looking for some extra cash to supplement your income or you dream of running your own business, joining Total Life Changes (TLC) gives you control over your success. Work a little or work a lot—it’s up to you.

No Experience Required

Life ChangersWhether you’re a seasoned sales professional who is well-versed in network marketing or a newbie with zero sales experience, the tools TLC provides are designed to get you up and running quickly while helping you build the skills necessary to become a successful Life Changer.

What Is a Life Changer?

Network marketing, also known as direct sales or multi-level marketing (MLM), is a business model in which independent distributors sell products directly to consumers.
We call our independent distributors Life Changers because that’s exactly what they do.
As a Life Changer, you’ll earn a commission on the products you sell, as well as well as a percentage of the sales made by the team you build.

You’ll also get…

  • Control of your schedule, workflow, and success
  • An extensive library of training materials and programs developed to support your efforts every step of the way
  • Access to exclusive in-person training and events to help you grow and celebrate wins in style!

Why Join Total Life Changes?

The health and wellness industry is booming. TLC offers an array of high-quality products within this nearly $5 trillion global market (Health and Wellness Market Size USD 7,656.7 Billion by 2030, n.d.). As a Life Changer, you have the opportunity to make a difference, putting these products in the hands of people eager to receive them.

Hanging out with John LicariTLC has spent over 20 years delivering a wide variety of products you’ll feel, including our flagship product, Iaso® Original Brew Tea.

By selling this tea, you’re not only tapping into the $200 billion tea industry, but you’re also supporting a healthy lifestyle (Statista, 2017). Iaso® Tea is more than your average blend. It’s a mix of powerful herbs formulated to provide your body with a gentle cleanse and help you achieve your weight-loss goals!

And with our new 25X System, it has never been easier to get started selling this tea in the exciting world of direct sales.

What Is 25X?

The 25X Business Builder Pack is designed to introduce new Life Changers to direct selling while teaching the basics of sales to help them get started quickly.

Each pack includes…

  • 25 packs of Iaso® Original Brew Tea and 25 sachets of Iaso® Original Instant Tea
  • Tools to grow your confidence and help you focus on building success

Learn more about the 25X System!

You Can Do It, But…

Woman holding Iaso® Instant TeaIt’s important to understand that network marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and success takes time and effort. With persistence, dedication, and the right mindset, you can achieve your financial goals, and Total Life Changes is here to support you the whole way.

Some Simple Tips

  • Stay Motivated and Consistent
    Building a successful network marketing business takes time, patience, and consistency. Staying motivated and focused will help you overcome challenges.
  • Set Realistic Goals
    Setting achievable goals, such as attaining a certain number of customers or recruiting new Life Changers into your network, helps you stay motivated!
  • Celebrate Your Wins
    Take a moment to celebrate your success when you reach a goal! It’s an accomplishment that signifies growth and improvement.
  • Leverage TLC’s Tools and Support
    You aren’t alone. TLC provides support, training, tools, and encouragement to help you reach new milestones and reward your results!

What Are You Waiting For?

Getting started as a Life Changer is possible even if you don’t have any sales experience. With the right mindset, passion for people, and consistent effort, you can live the life you desire.
Are you ready to take control of your life and help change the lives of others? Sign up and get started today!
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By Gary Path, Sr. Creative Content Writer


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