By: Gary Path, Copywriter at Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes (TLC) is a company that strives to make a positive impact on people. People are the company’s bottom line, period, and it is a community sharing the workload through a united passion. COO, John Licari, explains how TLC grew out of its basement beginnings in 1999 to become a thriving global enterprise by 2021:

“We have built momentum through a lot of people doing a little instead of a few people doing a lot. That’s what makes us different, and that’s why everyone scratches their head and says, ‘What in the heck do they have going on over there?'”

One of TLC’s Core Values, “Passion is our Fuel,” certainly ignited a year of growth and development for the organization. The company unveiled two new products, added two new Life Changer ranks, and established an entirely new role for passionate product enthusiasts. TLC also celebrated and motivated its Life Changer community at four high-energy events hosted across the United States.

2021 was kicked off with the launching of Total Life Essential Oils (TLEO). This incredible product line features 20 oils sourced from specialized growers across six countries. These oils can be used aromatically or topically, which offers many benefits, including (and not limited to) mood-boosting and relaxation.

The community witnessed the release of the newest iteration of TLC’s top selling Iaso® Tea. Fruit Punch Iaso® Instant Tea is a delightfully fruity-tasting proprietary blend that promotes digestive wellness and is only ten calories per serving.

TLC also released a new product live at the Orlando Event, GutCheck, which is designed to promote a healthy gut biome by increasing the number of good bacteria in your system and reducing inflammation while aiding digestion.

The company is thrilled to offer these new additions to its portfolio but also recognizes that products- no matter how excellent- are worthless without people to experience them. So, to keep the focus on the passionate people who make TLC the thriving business that it is, the company held a virtual event in February designed to bring viewers’ minds, bodies, and spirits into alignment. The company went on to host high-energy events in person at Orlando, Dallas, and Houston throughout the year. These meetings brought excitement, encouragement, and energy to no fewer than 20,000 people!

One of the ways the company rewarded true excellence in 2021 was by creating two new rungs on the Life Changer success ladder: Grand Ambassador and Elite Ambassador.

These ranks effectively dispel the myth that it is “lonely at the top,” as anybody who achieves this level of success has worked very hard to build a thriving community of enthusiastic Life Changers and customers who support them.

However, at Total Life Changes, it’s not all about sales community building. The company recognizes that not everybody who loves their products has the passion and skills to sell them, so it also launched a new way to sell and market products: the Product Influencer campaign. Product Influencers are independent brand champions who earn commission from selling a product without long-term commitment or binary teams.

Total Life Changes is proud to offer amazing products, events, and benefits to its customers, but at the end of the day, everything the company does is about helping people on their health and wellness journeys. To this end, the company launched its 15-Day Challenge on September 27th, combining NutraBurst®, a multi-blend liquid daily vitamin, NRG, an herbal dietary supplement, and Fruit Punch Iaso® Instant Tea an herbal tea with cleansing benefits. This challenge is designed to help people lose weight, increase their energy levels, and ultimately be the best version of themselves.

All these exciting new developments helped fuel the company’s growth in 2021, and TLC is proud to announce that it expanded its work family by hiring 161 people. The company also loves and cares for its community, so it raised more than $125,000 dollars for charitable causes.

Craig Cole, Director of Public Relations, captured the heart of TLC, saying:
“We are proud to be a direct selling company, but we are so much more. We want to use our space to give back to individuals in need.”

The story of Total Life Changes may have started in a basement in 1999, but the company has continued to soar to new heights and impact thousands of lives worldwide. For as bright as this year was, the company plans for 2022 to be even brighter, bolder, and more ambitious.

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