By: Ashley Luckee Lead Copywriter at Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes (TLC) honored another community member at their Mind Body Spirit Houston Event in April. Director Gabriela Ortiz received the second Vitruvian Award, which represents the company’s mission and purpose.

Gabriela says she feels very honored to receive this award. She speaks about what winning this award means to her:

“It means I have a responsibility to help people around the world and to show them that there is more out there and that they can be extraordinary.”

To Gabriela, the Vitruvian man is a symbol of unity and continuation. It represents Life Changers and their accomplishments. With TLC as her guide, she has grown emotionally and spiritually:

“TLC has allowed me to grow as an individual, to explore the opportunities to learn about the system and to be able to become myself. TLC has pushed me to grow as a leader, bringing me to where I am today. It’s helped me with confidence; it helped me to establish friendships and relationships that have taken our business to a different level.”

To keep her mind, body and spirit connected, she begins her day with spiritual based music and prepares herself for meditation and exercise:

“Meditation is something I started last year, thanks to coach Stormy. I also started to do pilates, and that’s where the connection with my mind and body started. I had to conquer the machine and join my mind to my body.”

Total Life Changes is extraordinary for Gabriela, and she says that the company is unique and cannot be compared to any other:

“We want everybody to be united; We love to have fun and invite others to as well. We are serious about creating a legacy while having fun. They are a company and energy that attracts other energy. They want everyone to come together and change the world.”

Gabriela has changed lives at TLC through believing in herself and instilling that belief into others:

“For me, it all started with creating testimonies. I listened to transformation stories from my customers, and some of them turned into Life Changers. But more than that, I also showed my team what I know and what I learned. Sharing information with other people helps them grow, and that’s what this is all about, sharing and teaching others what has worked for me. The little things that we do make a difference.”

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