By: Ashley Luckee Lead Copywriter at Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes (TLC) corporate team members each have an exclusive broadcast on the company’s social media pages. Director of Human Resources Alexa Soto hosted a very special edition of her show, “Presenting the Best You,” with special guest, Brand Therapist Ryan Lesperance (Smash Creative).

Ryan was an essential part of developing TLC’s Seven Core Values, which are the pillars that hold up the foundation of the company’s mission and purpose. Alexa reviews the purpose of this show:

“The purpose of the Art of Leadership is that we can all become better leaders. We want to make sure that when we’re out in the field, we’re better leaders. And when we’re leading in our corporate office, we’re representing our core values in everything that we do.”

Ryan states that core values can be easily made, but leadership must use them daily and make them count.

“Leadership is part inspirational, and is part ‘follow me,’ but it’s mostly by example. And knowing that the leadership exemplifies these values first. Everyone on the executive team shows these core values.”

One of the core values, “Passion is our Fuel,” is the main spark for TLC’s reach and community interaction, says Ryan:

“It’s the thing that drives TLC. I’ve sat in on meetings with Jack (Fallon), John (Licari) and Scott (Bania) and I listened to them. They work tirelessly, but at the end of the day, food and things that we naturally look towards to provide us fuel are irrelevant. When passion is your fuel, it surpasses those things. You don’t need to instruct me to be passionate; my heart is already there.”

The third core value states, “Having Fun We Get More Work Done,” and TLC lives up to that value. Alexa recalls what it means to her:

“We incorporate everybody. And we have fun together. We go outside, take a break, and play a game. It’s employee and field engagement. We’re bringing forth these experiences to our events, and we’re having fun there, too.”

TLC, from the top down, always displays love and affection in all interactions. Ryan beams about one of his interactions with the CVO, Jack Fallon:

“He shares his heart. I remember during an orientation he said, ‘Some of you I know, and some of you I don’t. But, if any of you need any advice, time to talk, mentorship, I’m here for you.’ He didn’t have to offer that, but he did. The leadership is putting it into action.”

The last core value, “We Don’t Do What’s Easy We Do What’s Right,” is an extension of every decision made at TLC.

“As a leader, you might have to make a decision that puts you down for the betterment of the ones you are leading. The whole executive team makes decisions on doing what’s right, and all other criteria are secondary.”

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