T he mind is a wonderful thing, connected to the body and the spirit, and able to evoke joy at the mere mention of a warming scent, or an invigorating aroma. Let’s try it. Just sit back and think. About what? How about:

  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Orange
  • Lemongrass
  • Lemon
  • Eucalyptus
  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint

Now … how quickly did a wave of cozy feelings wash over you while you read cinnamon? And how many seconds did it take for you to feel a cool wind at the idea of peppermint

Scent is a superpower that resonates within our other senses. It works for us on so many levels and for so many reasons, considering all the ways the power of smell helps and inspires in our daily lives is hard to fathom.

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Meet TLEO Guardian Blend – our exclusive harmony of essential oils renowned for its comprehensive ability to support wellness and well-being, as well as safeguarding your family’s overall healthful living. 

If you’re beating back a cold, cough, sore throat or even flu symptoms as nasty as nausea, rely on TLEO Guardian Blend in your diffuser or during a massage, to promote feelings of cleansing and generally improved well-being.

Cinnamon is part of the Lauraceae family, and it’s used daily around the world for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antimicrobial compounds, among others. Research has shown* a combination of cinnamon and clove oils conduct antibacterial activity against Gram-positive organisms (Listeria monocytogenes, Enterococcus faecalis, Staphylococcus aureus, and Bacillus cereus), as well as against Gram-negative bacteria (Salmonella choleraesuis, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Yersinia enterocolitica)

Milder than its sister plant, the peppermint, spearmint essential oil is equally energizing. It’s known as a mood lifter and an aid to promote feelings of invigoration as well as focus.

Studies have shown the use of lemongrass essential oil in aromatherapy can help ease intense feelings of stress and anxiety. ±A 2015 study evaluated the effects of lemongrass and sweet almond massage oil during massage. The study showed lemongrass massage oil provided a harmonizing effect. Participants who received a massage using the oil once a week had lower diastolic blood pressure than those in the control group. The primary constituent in lemongrass, citral, is revered in pharmacology studies as possessing superior pharmacological attributes evidenced in research.

Equally, versatile eucalyptus essential oil is used in antiseptics and antimicrobial products, pharmaceuticals and fragrances, insect repellents, and household cleaners. And finally, rosemary has been used since ancient times in natural herbal remedies, sacred practices, and therapeutics as an aid to support healing.

Together, the 100% pure essential oils in TLEO Guardian Blend work in unison to promote feelings of protection and rejuvenation when we find ourselves dragging, not feeling well, or in need of a serious decluttering of the mind or purifying of the home. 

TLEO Guardian Blend is also the perfect alternative to toxic cleaners when used on surfaces throughout the home, a natural formula for a clean kitchen and bathroom. When diffused, Guardian Blend delivers a warm, clean, aroma while helping to purify the air and rid the home of unwanted smells. The “clean” part of the scent profile comes, in part, from D-Limonene, the perky, pleasant punch found in TLEO Lemon and TLEO Orange, highly regarded for its antimicrobial and antiviral qualities.

  • Add a few drops to your TLEO Aroma Diffuser and enjoy for 5-10 minutes to promote a sense of clearer breathing.
  • Under the weather? Add 2-3 drops to hot water in a bowl, or to a vaporizer, and breathe in to help promote feelings of a soothed throat and sense of cleared sinus passages.
  • Add 8-12 drops to distilled water in a reusable spray bottle for Mother Nature’s perfect solution to household surface cleaning.
  • Add 3-4 drops of TLEO Guardian Blend per 1 teaspoon of TLEO Fractionated Coconut Oil for a restorative massage to a small area of the body, or 1 drop TLEO per 1 teaspoon of FCO for the appropriate concentration for a more comprehensive, full-body massage. Be sure to mix well.


  • 100% PURE: Mother Nature’s best, unfiltered
  • PEAK QUALITY: Sourced globally from across six continents
  • PRECISE HARVEST: Assures each essential oil’s composition and potency remain intact
  • SUPERIOR EXTRACTION: At first cut, by cold press or steam distillation for purity; reduces breakdown of compounds

Cold press: Whole fruit or peel is pressed to derive essential oil, with solids from the plant included. The integral liquid is then filtered to separate oils from the juice.

Steam distillation: Delicate herb and leaf material is placed in a central unit, traditionally a stainless steel still. Steam is then sent into the container to release the aromatic molecules, creating a vapor. Compounds are then delivered to a condenser. Water is introduced to return the vapor to a liquid, then extracted. The liquid is carried to a separator, where the now-perfumed water and essential oils are separated.

  • EXCLUSIVE SEAL: Packaged with a proprietary sealing method to remove all oxygen, prevent degradation and extend longevity.
  • INTEGRITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE: No fillers; No synthetics; No GMOs; No impurities
  • EVOCATIVE SCENTS: Exclusive, incomparable blends offer an explosion of sensory elation, therapeutic benefits
  • PROTECTIVE GLASS: Amber glass bottle protects oil’s longevity, purity
  • TRAVEL APPROVED: 2 oz. bottle is TSA approved for a carry-on liquid

Total Life Essential Oils are for restoring your home, body and mind. To transport you, to transform your day into that escape you envision when you close your eyes and remember to breathe. 

Find your center when you inhale the possibility of complete relaxation. This journey will bring you back. Full circle. Returning your mind, body, and spirit to the soulful destination you crave at the end of each busy day. Your mind can pack a bag and set out to discover all the earth offers to restore us, make us whole. Total Life Essential Oils can take your spirit to pristine points across six continents, within the comforting retreat of your own home.

*This product line is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or mitigate any disease.

(Note: Essential oils containing citrus are phototoxic and should not be applied topically when outside or in direct sunlight.)

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