We can’t deny as a society that we’re confronting a whole new world these days. The pandemic has changed our way of life for good. And here comes the time of year when we’re usually fighting off the already prevalent and persistent colds and flus.

While depending on commercial cold and flu meds, as well as disinfecting cleaners, to protect ourselves, our families, and our homes from pesky and harmful germs, Mother Nature’s own historically tried and true remedies can often supplement or replace some of those with alternatives that are better for Mother Nature and her big sis, Mother Earth, and of course do the work to help improve on how cruddy we might be feeling.

Our exclusive TLEO Guardian Blend is an expertly selected and sourced harmony of botanicals renowned for their ability to support our total wellness of body, mind, spirit. It can also be used to protect our living environment.

Did you know that antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral all have distinctly different meanings and functions? And that means each designation works to help us in different ways.

Having antimicrobial qualities is defined as being able to destroy or inhibit the growth of microorganisms – notably, pathogenic microorganisms – from bacteria to fungi to viruses. Something that’s antibacterial can be directed at or effective against bacteria. And possessing antiviral qualities means being capable of acting or being effective against viruses.

TLEO Guardian Blend includes a host of TLEO singles and other essential oils in its composition that boast at least antimicrobial qualities, with some offering two or all three of the above qualities, plus antifungal, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory qualities as well:

  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Orange
  • Lemongrass
  • Lemon
  • Eucalyptus
  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint

One of the superstars here is TLEO Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus radiata supports a sense of clearer breathing while it helps clean the air in your home, too. The TLEO single is a go-to on its own for when you’re feeling congested. From diffusing to letting it mingle with the steam in the shower or bath to mixing up a vaporizing, soothing topical rub, TLEO Eucalyptus is a bug season powerhouse.

Apart from the stars of TLEO Guardian Blend, TLEO Frankincense can step up to help everyone feel better during flu season, too. Beyond its popular use in skin care, it is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic. Feel the crud coming on?

  • Blend 3-4 drops TLEO Frankincense and 3-4 drops TLEO Lavender in the TLEO Aroma Diffuser and relax for a while, with measured breathing.
  • To help diminish feelings of a nagging need to cough, diffuse 3 drops of TLEO Frankincense, 4 drops of TLEO Tea Tree, and 3 drops of TLEO Cypress.

While lavender is known for inspiring feelings of relaxation and restful nights, it’s also studied as an analgesic, antimicrobial, and antifungal, and it’s full of antioxidants. It can be a great friend when you feel yourself slipping down under the weather.

Add 3 drops of TLEO Lavender to a bowl of steaming water. Leaning over the bowl, cover your head and the bowl with a towel. Relax, eyes closed, and take deep breaths in, exhaling slowly through your mouth, for improved sense of clearer airways and to improve symptoms of headache. For an added kick when fighting a headache, add 1 drop of TLEO Peppermint.

TLEO Oregano is a superstar here, too. It is studied for its antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities, while it helps promote feelings of improved and clearer breathing during congestion and feeling poorly. Try adding TLEO Oregano and Eucalyptus in equal parts (2-4 drops each, to start) to the TLEO Aroma Diffuser to promote a sense of cleared airways and clearer breathing. Also, add a bit of TLEO Oregano to any homemade germ-fighting household spray for a terrific boost for surface cleansing.

TLEO Ultimate Wayback Vapor Rub

  • 1/2 cup TLEO FCO
  • 1/2 cup unrefined shea butter
  • 40 drops TLEO Guardian Blend
  • 10 additional drops TLEO Peppermint
  • 10 additional drops TLEO Eucalyptus

Melt the FCO and shea butter using a preferred method. [Recommended: Set a pint-sized glass jar in a small saucepan filled with 1 to 1½ inches of water, bring to a simmer, then add FCO and shea butter to the jar.] Once melted, gently whisk or stir together with a nonreactive utensil. Remove from heat and allow to cool a bit. Add essential oils. This recipe is intended for use by adults.

Tip: Use a whisk or wooden spoon dedicated to essential oil blends, not used for food prep. These ingredients can be difficult to completely clean away from utensils.

More TLEO Bugaboo Rubs

With a TLEO Pipette for each ingredient (prevents contamination), add ingredients to a TLEO Amber Roller Bottle as follows. Roll the bottle to blend.

  • 2 drops TLEO Orange, 1 drop TLEO Peppermint, 1 tsp TLEO FCO. Roll onto chest and neck for feelings of improved energy when you feel a bug coming on.
  • 2-3 drops TLEO Tea Tree and 1 tsp TLEO FCO. Apply to the neck area for feelings of soothing when experiencing throat soreness, swollen glands.
  • 4-5 drops TLEO Peppermint, 1 tsp TLEO FCO. Rub onto chest and neck to promote feelings of cleared airways and improved breathing.

 TLEO Weather It Better Blend

  • 4 drops TLEO Oregano
  • 3 drops TLEO Orange
  • 2 teaspoons TLEO FCO

With a TLEO Pipette for each, add ingredients to a TLEO Amber Roller Bottle. Roll the bottle to blend. Apply to the soles of the feet to promote feelings of uplifting when under the weather.

 TLEO Guardian Blend Household Disinfectant

  • 8 oz. TLEO Amber Glass Spray Bottle
  • 2 ounces distilled white vinegar
  • 2 ounces distilled water
  • 15 drops TLEO Guardian Blend

Add ingredients to the bottle and secure the trigger sprayer. Shake to mix well. Spray on surfaces. Let sit for 1 to 2 minutes. Remember to breathe in the aromatic benefits while in use to help uplift the mind, body, and spirit. Wipe down with a reusable microfiber cloth. Note: Add more TLEO Lemon, TLEO Orange, or TLEO Peppermint as desired, to increase potency or modify the aromatic benefit.

*These recommendations are for educational purposes only. Test first for possible sensitivity. If pregnant or breast-feeding, or taking medications, ask a health professional before use, and consult your doctor about contraindications. Keep out of reach of children. This product line is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or mitigate any disease.

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