By: Ashley Luckee Lead Copywriter at Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes (TLC) was more than grateful to get back on the road for their Mind Body Spirit Tour. The corporate team headed out to Houston, Texas and got ready for their second event of the year, this time as a hybrid in-person and virtual event. Jack Fallon greeted the audience with excitement and positivity:

“We’re going to celebrate God, life and TLC. The energy is so thick today. I’m truly blessed, and I hope all of you feel that today as well.”

TLEO Oil Specialist Mike McClean made another appearance, created a few beneficial blends to enjoy aromatically and topically, and focused on finding your unique combination of oil:

“I encourage everybody to find an oil that you like, one that speaks to your nose. There’s an old saying amongst essential oilers, ‘The nose knows.’ Your body and your mind will work together and tell you which oil speaks to you.”

The Seven Core Value Awards were given to Vanessa Moyse, Natalja Ivanova, Cheryl Mazique, Jessica Landrum, Venice Anderson, Tebra Whitsett and Luis Young.

TLC’s Health and Wellness Coach Sara Hoffman takes the stage and highlights the importance of a healthy diet:

“The food we eat can either impair our digestion, or they can assist with your digestion. When we have foods that are empty calories, our body goes into starvation mode. We’re going to reach for the quickest source of energy we can find, which are sugars and carbs. So I want to take my clients from deficiency to sufficiency.”

The Transformation Award winner was Annie B, who came from the Bronx. She fell into an 8-year depression and dealt with extreme social anxiety, but she tried the products and joined the company as a Life Changer after losing her office job. She says her transformation isn’t complete and wants to offer others inspiration:

“I feel like God put me here to give people hope. If God can move me, a person with no self-worth or hope, to stand here in front of all of you beautiful souls, then I believe my job is to inspire, give hope, and show people that there is a way. Everyone has potential, but they have to believe.”

TLC’s guest speaker Pete Vargas focuses on his story braid framework, which includes incorporating heart, head, a CTA, and circling back to the heart to approach clients and other people about your business and transformation. Pete spoke about his adopted daughter Emma and how she beat the odds:

“She was on oxygen 24/7; the doctors told us she would never walk or talk and would not make it to two years old. And my wife did not buy into that. Today, she is eight years old; she’s running, she’s talking. Everything that should’ve happened didn’t happen. It was from the power of prayer and the power of God.”

Another transformation winner, Bobby Patterson, was highlighted and shared his journey of losing over 100 pounds and overcoming challenges.

“I have this saying, ‘You can’t be anything to anyone until your everything to yourself.’ When I embraced having a life of abundance, it doesn’t mean that I don’t give; I give now out of an overflowing cup. What you see before you are a direct result of the work that has taken place on the inside now manifesting itself on the outside.”

The Vitruvian Award winner was Gabriela Ortiz and she completely relates to what the award truly means:

“When TLC came out with their Core Values, it completely resonated with me because I have been living that in my life. Always keeping positive and always helping people no matter what. I love creating stories with my customers, many of whom became involved with Total Life Changes.”

TLC audience members had the chance to give “stars” for the sponsored charity, the Houston Food Bank. Altogether, over $20K was raised, equaling out to 60,000 meals for needy families.

John Licari wrapped up the event by extending his thanks to everyone who was part of the event:

“We’re connected and today we proved that to the world. Thank you for clapping, cheering, crying, laughing, screaming, believing and sharing. We appreciate you and we’re grateful.”

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