T alk about exotic – no one can pinpoint the lime’s origins in the world. While it is widely believed to be a native of South Asia, Citrus aurantifolia is primarily cultivated in tropical and subtropical climates, including Mexico and the West Indies. 

Through extraction by cold press, this essential oil blend comes from the peel of the unripe fruit, delivering a refreshingly tart, citrusy, sweet, and lively scent. Lime is perhaps one of the most renowned essential oils in aromatherapy for most quickly promoting feelings of being uplifted and invigorated.

In herbal medicine traditions, lime has long been used to relieve various everyday maladies such as fever and sore throat. It has also been applied in treating insect bites, minor cuts, brittle nails, and unsightly veins. It has been researched for helping ease reaction in skin irritations and supporting cleansing qualities of hair care, skincare, and nail care products.

According to research in Japan, studies have shown that the application of citrus fragrance into a patient’s therapy can support improved mood and feelings of calm. Lime aromatherapy benefits are also known for helping promote positive mental energy and a clear mind. When you want an inviting, soothing aroma in your mixology repertoire, lime pairs well with lavender or grapefruit.

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Just like its big brother, lemon, the essential oil of the lime is a powerhouse of a natural cleaning agent, with qualities that lend a hand to purifying and deodorizing the air and cleaning surfaces, delivering absolutely no artificial fragrance or chemical concoctions typically found in the cleaning aisle of the superstore.

Let the lively love of lime essential oil be your pick-me-up of choice:

  • Feeling a bit “all over the map”? Lime is especially helpful in promoting feelings of balance. Diffuse TLEO Lime to promote a sense of refreshment, recharging, and reawakening. Breathe deeply and evenly.
  • In the bath or shower, try a few drops on a damp washcloth, placed near you as the warmth of the steam picks up the sharp, sweet, energetic aroma.
  • Dilute 1-2 drops of TLEO Lime with TLEO Fractionated Coconut Oil or add it to your moisturizer and apply to improve the appearance of oily skin, or to help ease skin irritations and the appearance of skin inflammation.
  • Add a drop or two to your regular shampoo, in the palm of your hand, to promote cleaner-feeling hair and the appearance of shinier, rejuvenated hair.
  • Find a sticky spot left behind on that new serving platter by a sale sticker? Try a dab of lime essential oil on a cotton ball and rub. Sticky residue, be gone!
  • Enliven the energy of any room with TLEO Lime – diffuse it and feel the positivity wrapping you up, maybe coaxing you into a toe-tapping vibe. Before you know it, TLEO Lime will have you dancing around the house.


  • PEAK QUALITY: Sourced globally from across five continents
  • PRECISE HARVEST: Assures each essential oil’s composition and potency remain intact
  • SUPERIOR EXTRACTION: At first cut, by cold press or steam distillation for purity; reduces the breakdown of compounds 

Cold press: Whole fruit or peel is pressed to derive essential oil, with solids from the plant included. The integral liquid is then filtered to separate oils from the juice.

Steam distillation: Delicate herb and leaf material is placed in a central unit, traditionally a stainless steel still. Steam is then sent into the container to release the aromatic molecules, creating a vapor. Compounds are then delivered to a condenser. Water is introduced to return the vapor to a liquid, then extracted. The liquid is carried to a separator, where the now-perfumed water and essential oils are separated.

  • EXCLUSIVE SEAL: Packaged with a proprietary sealing method to remove all oxygen, prevent degradation and extend longevity. 
  • EVOCATIVE SCENTS: Exclusive, incomparable blends offer an explosion of sensory elation, therapeutic benefits

Total Life Essential Oils are here to restore you. To transport you, to transform your day into that escape you envision when you close your eyes and remember to breathe. 

Find your center when you inhale the possibility of complete relaxation. This journey will bring you back. Full circle. Returning your mind, body, and spirit to the soulful destination you crave at the end of each busy day. Your mind can pack a bag and set out to discover all the earth offers to restore us, make us whole. Total Life Essential Oils can take your spirit to pristine points across five continents, within the comforting retreat of your own home.

*This product line is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any disease.

(Note: all citrus oils are phototoxic and should not be applied topically when outside or in direct sunlight.)

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