Laquail Johnson Named First Vitruvian Award Recipient

By May 17, 2021 September 2nd, 2021 No Comments

By: Ashley Luckee Lead Copywriter at Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes (TLC) created a new award to go along with their Mind Body Spirit Tour for 2021. The Vitruvian Award represents everything that the company stands for and is part of the TLC logo. CCO Scott Bania describes the origins and meaning of this:

“The Vitruvian figure resembles the exact proportions of a human being, which Leonardo DaVinci determined to be perfect. Everything that we’re reading, speaking, or practicing daily, so many of you have embraced this concept of continuing to work toward becoming the best person you can be daily.”

Laquail Johnson was TLC’s very first Vitruvian Award winner. Starting with TLC in 2015, she has consistently shown that she is dedicated to her business. She said it means a lot to win it and represents the mission of TLC:

“It means that great work doesn’t go unnoticed. When they presented me the award, I was shocked, but it just shows that when you embody your business and believe in what you’re doing, you can live the mission.”

Laquail recalls her thoughts after getting the award, saying she’s glad she committed long term:

“There was a revelation that I had after I got the award, I was somebody that started this business almost six years ago, and I didn’t see much success until the last three years. If I quit, I would’ve never made history at TLC by being the first to receive this award. You never know what God has in store for you.”

Laquail says that TLC has given her a chance to become more healthy in body and mind:

“One thing I say is when you have a job, it only trains you to become better at the job, but at TLC shows you how to be the best version of yourself. I can transcend what I’ve learned to any business opportunity. These are life skills, and I can continue to be a student with no limits.”

TLC has been a unique experience for her, and Laquail says that the company culture truly comes from the top down, and the corporate team and distributors genuinely support each other:

“I’ve never seen this at any other company; the CEO is usually not someone who is accessible. When you interact with him, you know that he cares about you, your success, and your total life change.”

TLC has allowed Laquail to change lives by influencing other people and being an inspirational example:

“TLC has given me a platform to share my life experiences and the things that I’ve been able to overcome to help other people that have the same obstacles to be the example and show them they can overcome it too.”

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