By: Ashley Luckee Lead Copywriter at Total Life Changes

We want you to achieve your goals with ease by using the Rapid Drop Kits! This workout below will provide you with instructions for a basic Monday workout routine.

1. Arm Stretch (stretches)

To relieve sore arms and shoulders, you can stretch your left arm across your chest towards your right, while cupping your left elbow with your right hand.

2. Chest Flyes (upper body)

Chest flyes are used to strengthen your pectoral muscles as well as your shoulders, biceps and triceps, and wrists. To properly do a chest fly, lie down on a bench with feet flat on the floor. Your head, shoulders, and buttocks should always be in contact with the floor. Pick up dumbbells, one in each hand, and hold them about your chest with your arms straight, and palms facing inward. Bend both elbows and inhale while you lower your dumbbells to shoulder height in an arc motion. Exhale and bring your dumbbells back up to your starting position.

3. Mountain Climbers (total Body)

Mountain climbers are a great way to increase your heart rate and exercise your entire body. To start this exercise, you will be on the floor in a plank position. You will alternate bringing one knee up to your torso and back out again. Then alternate this on either leg until you are “running” against the floor.

4. Bicycle Kicks (Core)

Bicycle kicks will strengthen your core, putting a focus on one side of the abdominal muscles at a time. To begin, lie on your back with your legs fully extended. Place your arms above your head for stability. Bring your left leg to your chest, and your right arm and elbow towards that leg. Return your arm and leg to their starting positions. Repeat this with your other leg and arm.

5. Step-Ups (lower body)

A step-up exercise is ideal to work out your lower body and glute muscles. It is very simple, start with a small platform or box that is stable and will hold your weight. With your hands at your sides, and your feet pointed straight ahead of you, step up on the box with your right foot and follow up with your left foot to get to your starting position on your platform. Repeat this with your other leg and alternate accordingly.

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