By: Ashley Luckee Lead Copywriter at Total Life Changes

TLC’s Life Changer App is an essential resource you can use to build your organization. With our Life Changer app, you can run a global business right from the palm of your hand!

1. Share Resources

Our Share page is full of important videos and content that will help you and your customer learn more about TLC. You can send enrollment links to encourage someone you know to become a Life Changer or become one of your customers. Below this section are product videos that are available to share with someone you’ve sampled to and let them know more about the benefits of our products!

Under the videos is the Sample Customer Follow Up section. Following up with sample customers is just one simple tap away! Send an email or text to let them know their sample is on the way. You can even show your customers TLC’s mission and what it truly means by sharing our corporate staff videos!

2. Buy Sample Credits

Sample Credits are the key to providing customers with the opportunity to FEEL our products. You can purchase sample credits through your app, which leads you to our back office, and this allow you to offer samples that you pay for, or give them a sample that they pay for. They will get a text or email from you with an informative video about our Iaso® Tea, NRG supplements, or Delgada coffee.

3. Check Out Upcoming Events

In your Alerts tab, you can stay updated on the most recent TLC events and news. Check out the G5 Leaderboards and see where you stand, learn about our Believe 2020 events, and new products, like the hemp-based face and body spray, Rejuv, and Iaso® Instant Tea with Broad-Spectrum Hemp!

4. Check Out the Event Calendar

Our Calendar will keep you updated on our events across America! Wherever you are, you can host your own TLC event and post it on the calendar to let everyone know. Whether you live in Michigan, California, or any state in between, you will always be able to find TLC in your community!

5. Learn More Through Training Videos

We want to make sure that we are setting your business up for success! So, we have included plenty of Training Videos that provide support for the most common features. Unsure of how to send a sample? Just watch our video! Want to know everything about our top products? Review our Top 5 Products Guide! Even our Purple Book is explained in detail, and our award-winning Compensation Plan is broken down as well.

We hope the Total Life Changes Life Changer App is a tool you can add to your arsenal to educate your customers and expose more people to Total Life Changes. To put it simply, anyone can use this user-friendly app, and we want to provide you with the best experience possible because we don’t do what’s easy, we do what’s right! Brand-new Life Changers receive access to the Total Life Changes Life Changer app FREE for thirty days, but it is also available for a one-time purchase of $19.95 for lifetime access. Search Total Life Changes Life Changer in the Apple Store or Google Play Store below!

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