H eady, fragrant Frankincense is truly one of the luxuries of the scent world. The Boswellia carterii shrub is non-toxic, non-sensitizing, and a nonirritant native to northeast Africa, where it grows wild and in abundance. Frankincense is derived from the resin of the tree and has been used as incense and in spiritual and meditation practices in Asia and the Middle East since ancient times. In Christianity, it was delivered as one of three gifts to the Christ child by the Magi – the three wise men – at Jesus’ birth, symbolizing the child’s divinity. 

This essential oil has often been burned during purification rituals and has traditionally been used for spiritual growth and meditation. It is believed to promote a centering effect on feelings and emotions. It can help promote slower, more measured breathing, thus helping the mind, body, and spirit feel calm and centered. Frankincense aromatherapy is also revered for its helpful properties in times of grief or sorrow.

In the 21st century, it has blossomed into a globally popular scent that denotes royalty. Now used in an array of beauty products, and pharmaceuticals, frankincense is sought to support anti-inflammation and as a calming and mood-lifting ally. In ancient Egypt, it was used for centuries as the primary component of a rejuvenating face mask and in promoting the look of enlivened skin. When added to a carrier oil, such as TLEO Fractionated Coconut Oil, it promotes the appearance of smoother skin and the look of reduced wrinkles, scars, and dry or damaged skin.

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Steam distillation cleanly delivers the essential oil from the tree’s gum resin, yielding a green, sweet, incense-like scent with balsamic undertones. When used with a diffuser, Boswellia carterii promotes feelings of a calm and relaxed body, and thereby a sense of uplifting, soothed mood, especially in times of sadness. 

It’s also a great oil for promoting a sense of clearer breathing, for supportive relief of feelings of tension and stress, and as a supportive aid to better sleeping habits. Frankincense has a reputation for protection and cleansing of the auric (energetic) field – promoting protective, purifying, and grounding qualities at the same time – which makes it a globally popular choice for meditation and sacred ceremonies. Many cultures also have long believed frankincense can help improve messages to the brain’s limbic system, which controls functions such as emotional motivation, and memory. 

Give yourself your own slice of sovereignty when you let this spicy royal deliver you back to center – in mind, body, spirit:

At the beginning of the day, diffuse a little Frankincense to promote feelings of improved focus and a clear mind. Remember to breathe deeply and evenly. Feel your spirits lifting.

  • Try adding a few drops to your favorite unscented hand moisturizer or lotion. Really work it into every part of your hands to promote the appearance of rejuvenated skin whenever harsh weather, airplane travel, or that pile of dirty dishes threaten to give your digits a daily beating.
  • In the bath or shower, apply a few drops to a damp washcloth and place it near the showerhead or on a towel bar near you as the warmth of the steam picks up the deeply fragrant, incense-like aroma and envelopes you. Breathe deeply and evenly.
  • After a bath or shower, combine a few drops of Frankincense to TLEO Fractionated Coconut Oil and spray or apply to irritated or sensitive skin to reduce the appearance of irritation or imperfections, and a feeling of total soothing.
  • Beat back negative feelings or feelings of stress and anxiety at bedtime. Dilute a few drops into TLEO Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply to the soles of your feet or at your temples, then lie back, relax, and take in the sense of soothing and relief.
  • Promote an uplifting mood in any room in your home with a solution of 10-15 drops of Total Life Essential Oils Frankincense in a reusable spray bottle filled with distilled water.
  • Like most of the Total Life Essential Oils collection, Frankincense is great as a super booster when added to massage oil. 


  • PEAK QUALITY: Sourced globally from across five continents
  • PRECISE HARVEST: Assures each essential oil’s composition and potency remain intact
  • SUPERIOR EXTRACTION: At first cut, by cold press or steam distillation for purity; reduces the breakdown of compounds 

Cold press: Whole fruit or peel is pressed to derive essential oil, with solids from the plant included. The integral liquid is then filtered to separate oils from the juice.

Steam distillation: Delicate herb and leaf material is placed in a central unit, traditionally a stainless steel still. Steam is then sent into the container to release the aromatic molecules, creating a vapor. Compounds are then delivered to a condenser. Water is introduced to return the vapor to a liquid, then extracted. The liquid is carried to a separator, where the now-perfumed water and essential oils are separated.

  • EXCLUSIVE SEAL: Packaged with a proprietary nitrogen flush sealing method to remove all oxygen, prevent degradation, and extend longevity.
  • EVOCATIVE SCENTS: Exclusive, incomparable blends evoke an explosion of sensory elation, therapeutic benefits
  • PROTECTIVE GLASS: Amber glass bottle protects oil’s longevity, purity
  • TRAVEL APPROVED: 2 oz. bottle is TSA approved for a carry-on liquid

Total Life Essential Oils are here to restore you. To transport you, to transform your day into that escape you envision when you close your eyes and remember to breathe. 

Find your center when you inhale the possibility of complete relaxation. This journey will bring you back. Full circle. Returning your mind, body, and spirit to the soulful destination you crave at the end of each busy day. Your mind can pack a bag and set out to discover all the earth offers to restore us, make us whole. Total Life Essential Oils can take your spirit to pristine points across five continents, within the comforting retreat of your own home.

*This product line is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any disease.

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