All our searches to fulfill ourselves bring us back to the trinity. Total Life Essential Oils recognize and honor the human experience. Honor the power of earth’s elements. Honor the process of thousands of years. Mother Nature is our farmer, our cultivator. We respect what she offers as our most exclusive source, delivering for our life’s journey the elements from their natal origins. Known as essential oils because they are extracted from the most essential elements of the very life they sustain, these carefully sourced essences contribute to the well-being of all living things and connect us to nature.

Total Life Essential Oils are here to help you discover all the earth offers to restore us and make us whole. These pure, uncompromising essential oils can carry your spirit to pristine points across six continents, all within the comforting retreat of your own home.

In creating Total Life Essential Oils, Total Life Changes found the greatest value in emphasizing the connection between scent and the feelings, the emotions, the human reaction it allows. Our sense of smell is a definitive contributor to how we feel. The aromatic experience of Total Life Essential Oils provides a transformation, an elevation of mind, body, and spirit.

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Focusing on a focused mind. Essential oils can help support the balance of the mind through inhalation via diffusing, spraying/misting, or breathing in during a warming, soothing bath or hot shower. When we breathe in essential oils, brain responses are triggered by nerves in our nose and mouth as the molecules pass through – the inhalation of the oil affects the limbic system and the respiratory system. The molecules then are dispersed throughout the body. The limbic system is linked to an array of human functions: our emotions, our memories, heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing. When you fill TLEO Aroma Diffuser with water (up to 250mL), then add up to 10 drops of your favorite TLEO single or blend, in just seconds you’ll be enjoying incredible aromatherapy benefits – and you can indulge for up to seven hours. Restless mind? Sit back, inhale, and embrace the relaxation.

When soothing something more considerable than a cut or a bruise is in order – such as relief from stress or help with a restful night’s sleep – essential oil is a comfort zone all its own. As we use essential oils to help achieve balance amid the daily noise in our minds, we can find significant physiological and psychological harmony.

  • TLEO Lemongrass – It’s revered for its promotion of alleviated stress and supporting feelings of a clear, focused mind.
  • TLEO Lime – Known for promoting a sense of clear mind and positive mental energy.
  • TLEO Orange – Beloved for ages for its uplifting, mood-boosting qualities.
  • TLEO Rosemary – The findings in a 2012 study1 showed rosemary oil produces a significant enhancement in memory. performance. Participants felt fresher and became more active and less drowsy after exposure.

Body Brilliant.

Just as the human body has evolved to help itself in healing, so too have the plants from which essential oils are derived. In a study on neck pain2, participants who used an essential oil-based cream found significant pain relief after four weeks of regular use.

Before applying Total Life Essential Oils topically, simply dilute your preferred scent into a small amount of TLEO Fractionated Coconut Oil to improve the experience and to avoid any possible side effects and irritation. Total Life Essential Fractionated Coconut Oil is 100% pure Cocos nucifera oil, and it comes from the coconut fruit using a cold-press extraction. Our FCO is refined because this process allows the oil to maintain a liquid state, unlike unrefined coconut oil, which can harden to a waxy state. If a carrier oil is not refined, its compounds can interfere with or reduce the impact of the star ingredient: the essential oils themselves.

  • TLEO Eucalyptus – A best friend for an aching back or tired muscles after a workout. Massage therapy relies heavily on eucalyptus essential oil as one of its top components in massage oils, because it promotes a sense of ultimate soothing and fast recovery. It can also help alleviate feelings of tension from a headache.
  • TLEO Grapefruit – Valued for promoting the improved appearance of the skin, relief of feelings of soreness in muscles and joints, and overall body fatigue. High in antioxidants and phytochemicals that reduce oxidative stress. Studies have shown grapefruit oil has antibacterial effects and enhances the susceptibility of microorganisms that are normally resistant, making it great in cleansing hair and scalp when added to shampoo or conditioner.3
  • TLEO Lemon – Also high in antioxidants and phytochemicals. Such properties can help improve the appearance of brightened, clarified, and refreshed skin tone. Renowned as an aid in repelling insects and in easing the appearance of redness or reaction in skin irritations. One of the best old-fashioned home remedies when feeling down from a cold or other sicknesses, to alleviate feelings of sore muscles, especially when diffused to help relieve feelings of soreness and throat pain.
  • TLEO Tea Tree – Helps soothe dry skin and feelings of itching and irritation. Promotes feelings of improved hair and scalp. Promotes the curbing of body order. Scientific studies have shown its value in aiding against bacterial and fungal issues, as it may also help the body kick into high defensive gear when faced with such conditions.

Spiritual. Our spirit seeks to be centered, grounded. To be cleansed. To be filled with gratitude. To be enlightened. Essential oils that support spiritual centeredness can help increase motivation, promote feelings of being energized, and decrease spiritual fatigue. Plainly put, essential oils can help support feelings of an uplifted spirit.

Most commonly, we seek spiritual centeredness when we are calm and quiet, or preparing for meditation, prayers, or affirmation. When the world just feels like too much, essential oils can quickly turn it around and promote the driving out of negativity and stress – feelings that, if left too long, can build up a wall that cuts off our ability to find balance.

  • TLEO Bergamot – Helps invoke feelings of joy, positivity, and self-love while promoting clarity. Bergamot supports the balance of spirit and is well known for energizing, as well as helping to decrease the propensity to linger in negative feelings or stressfulness. Uplifting and rejuvenating.
  • TLEO Frankincense – Promotes the restoration of our connection to spirit, to feeling spiritually grounded. Many cultures have believed through the ages that frankincense can help improve messages to the brain’s limbic system. This essential oil traditionally has been used across cultures for spiritual growth and meditation. It is believed to promote a centering effect for feelings and emotions. It can help promote slower, more measured breathing, thus helping the mind, body, and spirit feel calm and centered.
  • TLEO Lavender – Supports the calming of emotions and feelings of being overwhelmed. Infuse your space with lavender to promote a peaceful, grounded energy, especially before creative moments or activities: creating art, studying or working, yoga practice, meditation, or saying prayers.
  • TLEO Peppermint – In spiritual circles, this extremely invigorating oil is believed to help awaken the conscious mind, improving conscious thought. It offers purification of the spirit and can aid in removing barriers to what we seek to achieve.

Total Life Essential Oils are here to restore you. To transport you, to transform your day into that escape you envision when you close your eyes and remember to breathe.

Find your center when you inhale the possibility of complete relaxation. This journey will bring you back. Full circle. Returning your mind, body, and spirit to the soulful destination you crave at the end of each busy day. Your mind can pack a bag and set out to discover all the earth offers to restore us, make us whole. Total Life Essential Oils can take your spirit to pristine points across six continents, within the comforting retreat of your own home.

*This product line is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any disease.

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