By: Ashley Luckee Lead Copywriter at Total Life Changes

Are you considering working as an independent contractor, and partnering with a company or starting your own to supplement your income? Thinking about delivering groceries, fast-food orders, or driving others around to add to your bottom line? It’s definitely an option for hundreds of thousands of men and women all around the world that are just trying to provide more for their children, make sure they can make their next car payment, and keep the heat going in the cold winter months.

This is a reality for many adults, even those with typical careers that require degrees. There is one thing to consider, no matter what you choose to supplement your income. How much time are you willing to invest in adding to your income? If you decide to drive for a mobile service, you are required to have a vehicle, with insurance, and gas, and current registration; you get the idea. The more you drive that vehicle, the more maintenance will be required too. So, maybe weigh your options before you decide to light the lamp on your windshield and open up for business.

After all, you can only drive for so many hours in a day, and when it’s convenient for you and your family. So now what? If you are looking for a unique and fulfilling business opportunity, consider reading more about working as an independent contractor with Total Life Changes. Great name, right?! Compared to other business investments and time restrictions, TLC has an incredible business model with one of the best compensation plans in its industry! And our business model compensates you for helping others feel better and improve their health. Read below to see what the buzz is all about.

1. Compensation Plan Benefits

Share products. Inspire others to improve their health while supplementing their income. The more people you help to become healthier, the more extensive your business can grow. Our Compensation plan is unique, and we pride ourselves on it! Voted the #1 Compensation Plan in 2016 from Business for Home. Our robust hybrid binary compensation plan is designed to reward YOU in 6 different ways. Rather than getting an hourly wage plus tips, like a waitress or delivery driver, you can be guaranteed to gain a retail bonus every time you sell a product.

2. Control Your Business From Your Phone

This is really the coolest part about making a decision to become a Life Changer and build an organization of customers and business partners. It can be done from the palm of your hand. TLC’s 5in5 App makes it easy to keep track of prospective clients, send product samples, learn more about TLC’s community and product testimonies! The 5in5 App keeps you in touch with every customer and focus on their individual needs and wants. For example, if your customer is anticipating the arrival of their Iaso® Instant Tea and wondering what it can do for their body, you can send them links to PDFs and videos that explain the intended benefits as well as testimonies from real customers. You can access every aspect of your business from the 5in5 App, and you don’t have to give it gas, start it ahead of time to warm it up, or worry about expired plates.

3. Starter Kits Will Launch Your Success

You can choose which kit best fits your lifestyle and business needs! Pick a digital or standard Life Changer Kit and start learning about our products, our culture, and begin sampling! We make it easy to tailor your business to your needs and focus on building your own personalized TLC brand. The kits have tremendous value and are reasonably priced so that anyone can afford to start selling products without breaking the bank and earn a return on their investment in as little as one day with our new Daily Pay plan.

4. Unique Challenges Keep You Motivated!

Unlike other businesses, TLC keeps it fresh and exciting! We always have new challenges and initiatives launching monthly, like team challenges, and a Top Leadership Retreat Challenge. All of this has one goal in mind: giving back to our Life Changers and rewarding their hard work!

5. Get Back What You Invested

With our G5 Challenge and our Life Changer Bonus, you can get back the funds you invested into your business! When you inspire five people to purchase a top product, you will earn a minimum of $100 in retail commissions, a $50 G5 Bonus, ten free product samples, and a custom G5 magnetic pin. Let’s do the math. A new Life Changer invests $49.95 and at least one product. So, anyone can start their very own business for about $100 and in less than thirty days earn back their initial investment, a $50 bonus, 10 more samples to create new customers and a G5 pin to recognize their accomplishment.

Unlike other sales-based businesses, TLC is committed to providing you with quality products as well as a community you can feel! Please take a look at our credibility. We have been in business for over 16 years and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have a voted #1 global direct selling product (Business For Home 2015), Original Iaso® detox Tea with over 100 million sold worldwide since 2008 and the #1 voted best compensation plan (Business For Home 2016). TLC has also been nominated as one of the Best Places to Work in Direct Selling (Direct Selling News 2019). We hope that you will consider joining our community of Life Changers as an independent contractor.

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