Bobby Patterson has now commanded a TLC stage twice: once when he won a transformation contest and presented his story live in April 2022, and the second time as a finalist in Season 1 of The 15 Day 25K Contest. Allowing himself to be vulnerable and release his struggles, Bobby tells his story openly, instilled with a sense of purpose to impact others through his journey. Now, his story has been heard by thousands, resonating with a wide audience so much that they voted him the second-place winner, a victory announced on the Gala stage before The 15 Day Challenge community.

Bobby’s story began in 2006, when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Four years later, he was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, which causes such intense pain that it has been nicknamed the “suicide disease,” with many finding it too much to bear. He fought against these diseases for years, focused most on survival.

In 2014, Bobby had his first experience with TLC, purchasing a pack of Iaso® Original Tea to support his friend’s budding business. He left the product unused for months until he decided that after trying various products, diets, and exercise programs, he had nothing left to lose. Amazed by his results, he began his first stint with TLC, which lasted until October 2015. After a four-year gap, he returned to TLC in November 2019, feeling that his journey with the company was not yet finished. He officially rejoined TLC after posting about his trigeminal neuralgia on social media and receiving a prayerful comment from a woman involved in TLC who had been diagnosed with the same disease.

When Bobby returned to TLC, he found himself in a state of questioning, seeking answers regarding the state of his health and his personal struggles. In addition to developing a consistent exercise routine and changing his eating habits, he dedicated time to caring for himself internally. By the time he told his story on stage as a transformation contest winner, Bobby had not only lost 165 pounds but reminded everyone that he was able to do so because of his mental shift: “What you see on the outside is a result of the work that has taken place on the inside.”

After initially sharing his story, Bobby felt momentum building. In November 2021, his progress was stalled. When he was out one afternoon, he experienced a flare of MS so significant that he felt that his body was “shutting down.” Though he made it home just in time, he found himself bedridden for weeks, unable to do much more than just survive. Because of his condition, he saw some of his weight return.

In the new year, having recovered enough to become more active, he began his first 15 Day Challenge as part of an accountability group run by Tion and Talinthia Bolding. His progress began slowly but surely, with roughly one pound of weight lost every month. In June 2022, John Licari contacted him, asking him to join the first 15 Day Challenge men’s group. In that group, he found a community that launched him into a new level of commitment and allowed him to open up like never before. He told the group about his difficulty coping with the end of his 25-year marriage, and they met him with unyielding support. “The 15 Day Challenge has made it okay for me to be vulnerable, be open, and share and receive the biggest benefit of the challenge in my opinion: the community,” he said. “That was the beginning of freedom for me.”

Bobby Patterson GALABetween his divorce and his diagnosis with several heart conditions, Bobby faced “an unhealthy amount of stress” and was struggling to accept God’s will for his life. But the more transparent Bobby became about his story, the better he felt, learning to forgive himself day by day. Throughout the challenge for which he was selected as a Weekly Winner, Bobby combined a variety of TLC products with strength training and cardio, working to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. The changes to his lifestyle helped him lose 16 pounds and three inches around his waist over two challenges. Throughout Season 1, Bobby remained consistent for four challenges and lost a total of 21 pounds. But when asked about the greatest benefit he received from the challenge, Bobby listed the mental effects first.

“I’m more driven and focused than ever, thanks to The 15 Day Challenge!” he said, claiming that the challenge gave him a “renewed drive, focus, and determination.” His honesty about his journey allowed him to feel more confident in his purpose. “The biggest lifestyle change has been forgiving myself and embracing every experience that has helped shape who I am today,” he said. “Now that I’m free, I can be who I’m supposed to be unapologetically!”

Bobby took the stage at the Gala with humility, grateful that he was able to spread his message to so many people. He offers the following advice for those who hope to change their lifestyle: Follow your calling in confidence. “I don’t care what you have been through or what you have done: Your heavenly father sees the best in you,” he said. “You have got to walk that out and be confident in it.”*

Bobby is from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
During Season 1, he completed four challenges.
He lost a total of 21 pounds throughout Season 1!**

**Total Life Changes, LLC makes no claim that its products mitigate, prevent, treat, or cure any disease, including COVID-19 or the coronavirus.

**Results achieved through one or more TLC 15 Day Challenge cycles combined with a low calorie, balanced diet, and regular physical activity.

***Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Taking TLC Products is not a substitute for a reduced-calorie diet and exercise if you are trying to lose weight. You should always consult a physician before starting any weight loss or fitness regime.




By Morgan Brown, Creative Content Writer

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