For 13 years, Arrica Scarver faced a whirlwind of struggles. In 2007, a pregnant Arrica and her husband moved into their first home. Complications from her pregnancy forced her to become bedridden, and a series of events led to the foreclosure of their home. As she watched locks appear on her home, forcing her out, she felt overwhelmed by grief, which worsened when her family transitioned to their next home. She disliked the home so much, in fact, that she could not bring herself to unpack, living out of boxes for months.

Arrica dreamed of providing a home she could take pride in, one where her children could return to their former school district. She began delivering newspapers to make ends meet, and eventually, she and her husband were able to close on a new home. Her family’s financial stability began to pull her out of stress, but in 2018, an accident limited her movement. She slipped on ice and shattered her knee, forcing her to use a walker. Afterward, she began to gain weight; at her heaviest, she weighed nearly 260 pounds. At that time, she felt that no one fully understood the extent of the burden she was facing: “My whole mind, body, and soul was shattered.”

In 2020, Arrica found TLC. She reached out to a Life Changer on social media and asked to try the products, and from that point on, she viewed TLC as “the vehicle God used to change the trajectory of [her] life.” After taking TLC’s products, along with adapting her lifestyle to include more movement and healthier foods, she lost 30 pounds in just three months. Despite her physical progress, she still lacked self-confidence and sought answers that would explain the adversity she was facing. She claimed that TLC offered her an “encounter with [herself],” instilling her with a sense of purpose that helped her shift gears.

In October 2021, Coach Stormy Wellington introduced Arrica to her own variation of The 15 Day Challenge, in which three winners were chosen based on their transformations. Since February 2020, when her journey with TLC started, Arrica had lost 136 pounds, and she was selected as a winner in Stormy’s contest. The challenge allowed her to feel more open and gave her the chance to tell her story, but she wanted more.

Before the 15 Day Challenge for which she was selected as a Weekly Winner, Arrica wasn’t satisfied with the appearance of her legs, arms, and stomach. She had already been adopting healthier habits, but in order to achieve her vision, she tripled her effort. She focused primarily on toning and building muscle, doing whatever it took—including waking up early in the morning to work out and hiring a personal trainer—to see results. Throughout her challenge, she built stamina by lifting weights and engaging in HOTWORXS workouts—where she exercised in a 125-degree sauna—consumed a variety of TLC products, drank two gallons of water per day, and altered her eating habits. Additionally, she prioritized a mental shift, meditating, reading more, and dedicating more time to herself.

Arica Scarver

Throughout Season 1 of The 15 Day 25K Contest, Arrica completed six challenges and lost a total of 23 pounds. She shared her physical results with enthusiasm: “After this challenge, I feel absolutely amazing. I’ve lost inches on both of my legs, stomach, and arms, and oh baby, do you see my face?! I’m just getting started.”

Beyond the physical results, Arrica felt that the challenge helped restore her drive. “For so long, I felt stagnant because I did not see the results that I desired to see, even after losing so much weight in the past,” she said. “After seeing my results from this challenge, everyone benefited around me because I gained my fight back. I found my will to push myself beyond my comfort zone and the know-how to get it done … My mind has aligned with my body, and my spirit is at ease knowing that the results I see when I look in the mirror are there because I took my life back.”

When Arrica arrived at The 15 Day Challenge Gala, she commanded the stage. Her walk to the front of the stage, where she shared her story with a live audience of hundreds of people, spoke of her confidence. She presented herself with flair, showing off her physical transformation and exhibiting a renewed sense of self-love. Arrica’s energy when she shares her story is unmatched, like a flame being ignited.

Arrica feels called to share her story with others to inspire them not only to make a change but be the change. “I told myself every day to keep inspiring, igniting, and being the example and not the excuse,” she said. “I no longer doubt that I was chosen to impact lives through my testimony. I now know that God was setting the stage, and everything that I endured was a part of my process to make a total life change.”

Arrica’s story resonated with her audience, who voted for her to take third place in the first 15 Day 25K Contest. She hopes that her story will continue to inspire others and encourages future participants to rely on faith when facing adversity: “Never be ashamed of your story. Be thankful, stand up, and honor God through the process.”

Arrica is from Worthington, Ohio.
During Season 1, she completed 6 challenges.
She lost a total of 23 pounds in Season 1!*

*Results achieved through one or more TLC 15 Day Challenge cycles combined with a low calorie, balanced diet, and regular physical activity.

**Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Taking TLC Products is not a substitute for a reduced-calorie diet and exercise if you are trying to lose weight. You should always consult a physician before starting any weight loss or fitness regime.






By Morgan Brown, Creative Content Writer

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