I t doesn’t matter who you are – when you take on life’s challenges with purpose every day and see each new morning as an opportunity to be better, you approach life with a warrior mindset. We all seek that level of energy that others can’t help but notice.

Not quite there yet? We can help. Our TLEO Warrior DIY Diffuser Blend for Morning helps reinforce your mood, mindset, and attention to physical health, helping to create a lasting impact all day with an invigorating punch of aromatherapy.

TLEO Warrior DIY blend

2 drops TLEO Orange

2 drops TLEO Lemon

2 drops TLEO Peppermint

2 drops Tea Tree

Add to your TLEO Aroma Diffuser or to your bath or shower. Enjoy.

With its familiarly cleansing scent and a stockpile of vitamins and nutrients, orange essential oil helps promote the appearance of smoother skin and supports feelings of an invigorated mind. The blend doubles down on the power of citrus, as lemon’s scent offers feelings of invigoration without overwhelming sweetness. Together, these pithy cousins help spark feelings of inspiration and creativity.

Peppermint delivers a refreshing pop that inspires feelings of rejuvenation, beloved for its researched qualities that promote feelings of relief in muscles and joints. When diffused, peppermint also supports feelings of removed mental obstacles and distractions.

Last but never least, tea tree has been revered since ancient times for helping promote a sense of being grounded in the moment. The woody scent helps balance the citrus notes, making this blend most centered, and universally appealing.

Anyone can say they take on the day like a warrior – but do they mean it? With TLEO Warrior DIY blend, you can. Rip the cover off and BE the warrior.

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