Gluten-Free Mini Pizzas

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This hearty and healthy gluten-free mini pizzas recipe was featured on Rosa’s on Fire! We hope you can try it for a filling and sustaining lunch.


6 Portion Cupcake Pan
One 8 oz. Package of Fat-Free Cheddar Cheese
One 8 oz. Package of Fat-Free Cream Cheese
One 8 oz. Package of Fat-Free Mozzarella Cheese
One 8 oz. Carton of Liquid Egg Whites
Garlic Powder
Crushed Red Pepper
One 8 oz. Jar of Pizza Sauce
One 8 oz. Package of Turkey Pepperoni


1. Combine the following ingredients in a bowl and mix well:
56g Fat-Free Cheddar Cheese
56g Fat-Free Cream Cheese
46g Egg Whites
1g Garlic
1g Oregano
.5g Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
1g Salt

2. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.
3. Top with 1 tbsp. of pizza sauce, a handful of mozzarella cheese, and a few turkey pepperonis.
4. Bake for ten more minutes at 350 degrees.
5. Let healthy gluten-free mini pizzas cool and enjoy!

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