“We love each other, period.”

Sometimes we forget that we love each other until we need each other. As soon as we remember that we need each other, it seems we put aside all of our differences. The world has a ton of problems right now, and most are trying to solve them with hate, but it’s not working and only making it worse.

We recently celebrated Independence Day here in the USA, and it made me think of a movie that was made many years ago called independence day. In this particular movie, the world was also divided, but aliens had invaded the Earth, and now all the people of the Earth needed each other to survive. Sorry to spoil the movie if you never saw it, but eventually, people from all walks of life and different countries realized they needed and loved each other, and they worked together to save humanity.

Unfortunately, we see this all the time. Currently, in the USA, it seems people are very divided. Most of these divisions seem to be based on opinions and issues that are important to people. I understand this and wish we could all work together to solve this, but it has gotten to the point now that people are not even celebrating the country itself and threatening people that do. This seems the opposite of love to me.

I remember that in 2001 it was also like this. Many people disagreed, yelled at each other, called each other names, and even publicly wished each other harm. Then on the morning of September 11, 2001, everything changed. I don’t need to remind anyone what happened that day because most of us are haunted by those memories. I do remember that on that day, everyone was scared, sad, upset, and eager to find out how and why this happened.

Over the course of the next few days, everyone in the USA became 100% patriotic and lovers of their country. Nobody was afraid or hesitant to admit it, and even other countries around the world showed their support. All of a sudden, on that day, the fear reminded us that we loved each other and needed each other, and we were on the same team.

The last thing any of us want is for something like that to happen again just so we can be reminded that we need to love each other no matter what, but we can definitely remember and learn from these moments.

This also happens in sports, in the workplace, and even in schools. People are told, or they convince themselves, that we are all on separate teams. In sports, people sometimes hate the other team or the other division, but if there is an all-star game where some of the hated players from other teams end up playing with your favorites, then it becomes okay to love them.

In the workplace, sometimes we see other departments or other subsidiaries as competition or even view them as an enemy. Then we collaborate on a fundraising initiative or a marketing campaign, and we decide to love them.

At school, I remember that my group of friends decided that we did not like the other groups of kids. They didn’t like what we liked or have any of the same hobbies, so we decided we did not like them either. Then one year, our high school football team made it to the state playoffs, and all of a sudden, we were high-fiving people we supposedly didn’t like.

In all of these examples, we decide that we don’t like someone or a group of people because we have decided they are not on our team, but when we realize they actually are on our team, we come back to our senses! We are all one team; eventually, you just have to keep drilling down until you see it.

Sometimes people disagree with me, but I know they are on team TLC, so I remind myself that I love them. Others may not see eye to eye with me, but I realize we are both on team Earth, and I remind myself that I love them. And still, others have told me that they don’t like me or my message, and I just remind myself that we are both on team God.

You see what the trick to this is? You just have to think bigger! We are thinking too small, but as soon as we expand our thinking a little more, we eventually realize we are on the same team. When we realize this, we start to love one another and support and encourage each other. We actually realize we love them, and then everything changes.

We all say that love can conquer all and solve all of our problems, and we are right, but in order for it to happen and if we want it to work, we have to start thinking bigger and realize we are all on the same team! Once we do that, we can save our neighborhood, our school, our city, our workplaces, our state, our country, our world, and our universe, and beyond because love really does conquer all, and love can be found if you look hard enough.

Thank you for reading, and have a great week. Please remember that we are all on the same team, and we all love each other! God bless you, and have a great week!

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