“We are always hungry for more.”


Summer is always a great time of the year. Of course, the weather allows us to get outside and do some things that we aren’t able to do in the wintertime, which is fun. Also, many of us have extra time off from school and work. These are some great reasons why summer is fun.

One reason that I also enjoy summer is that there are usually lots of parties and celebrations during this time of year: weddings, family reunions, pool parties, barbecues with friends, and graduation parties. It’s always nice to help celebrate and reconnect with some people you may not have seen in a while. It is for me, at least. I always look forward to the celebrations, even if they don’t come at convenient times.

Last week was a great example of this for me. This past Saturday, I had two graduation parties that I needed to attend. I also had a christening that I needed to attend on Sunday. The christening was going to take place out of state, and it was going to be about a five-hour drive for me. I would have to leave early in the morning in order to get there on time, but I also had these two parties the night before.

The timing of the graduation parties was not ideal for me, or so I thought. I still attended with a great attitude and with excitement because I knew I would be able to see some people I haven’t seen in a while.

That whole day I was thinking that it was not ideal because I had so many other things going on that weekend, but I found out that it actually was ideal for me, just for a different reason than I had even thought of.

Here is what I mean. When I arrived at the second party, I started visiting with some people I haven’t seen in a while. One of the people I ran into was a gentleman named Tony whom I used to work with at Ford Motor Company many years ago. There was a group of about six of us talking about old times and laughing. We were all having a great time, and then Tony asked if he could talk to me privately for a moment.

He motioned for me to come to the side of the house where no one else was. When we arrived and we were alone, he looked me in the eyes and told me that he wanted to thank me. When I asked him what for, he went on to explain that he has been dealing with some stuff in his life that has been very difficult. He wanted me to know that he follows me on social media, and many of my messages of the day have come right on time for him.

He went on to explain a few of the things he had been going through, and I was shocked. He also went on to tell me that my messages have kept him going for the past several months, and he asked me to please not stop doing them.

Okay, so this is where the story gets kind of crazy. First of all, I had absolutely no idea that this very Italian macho man named Tony was even following me on social media. He had never commented on any of my posts or any of my live broadcasts. I just never knew he was watching or listening.

The second reason why this all blew me away is because for several weeks, I had been second-guessing my daily routine. Yes, it is true that I deliver a message of a day every single day on social media. I actually haven’t missed a day since 2019. But lately, I’ve been asking myself if it even matters. Of course, deep down inside, I know it does, but because I’m human, sometimes my emotions get the best of me.

For the last several weeks, I have been contemplating possibly shifting away from daily messages and just doing one or two a week. I even thought of skipping a day on purpose recently just to see if anybody would even notice. I thought that would be a good way for me to decide if I should continue or not.

Here’s the thing that really got my attention though. Tony had no idea that I had been having these thoughts for the last several weeks. There is no way he could’ve ever known that I was second-guessing what I was doing. So I’m pretty sure I was supposed to see Tony that night, and I’m pretty sure he was supposed to tell me what he did. I’m also pretty sure God was doing most of the talking.

That message was for me, and I knew it at that moment. Here I am trying to figure out how to give a message every single day, not realizing that sometimes maybe I need one, too. I heard the message loud and clear that night, and that helped me become hungry for more again. Tony helped me realize that what I have been doing does matter.

My intentions since day one have always been to try and help someone with these messages. Somewhere along the line, I forgot about my intentions recently, and I started to do these messages out of a sense of obligation. I guess you could say that I was losing my hunger and just going through the motions, but now my hunger has been restored!

Tony reminded me that night that sometimes, we all need a message from someone else to help us in our life. He probably didn’t realize that I needed his at that exact moment. The main reason why I chose to write about this this week is not because I want you to listen to my messages. Rather, I want you to start giving messages to the people around you.

They don’t have to be complicated or eloquent or even clever. They just need to be genuine and compassionate. We are pretty good at saying “I love you” and “How are you doing?” and “Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.” But are we saying these things in a way that makes them feel like we mean it, or are we just saying it and going through the motions?

We need each other, guys and girls! We never know what others are going through, and I just want all of us to always keep each other hungry for more life! Not just more days on this planet but more life in our days! Someone needs you to be your best today. Never forget that!

Last Saturday night, I made a promise to myself to stay hungry and keep doing what I know is right in my heart, and I hope this week’s message has inspired you to do the same.

Much love and respect to all of you. Just a reminder before I go that here at TLC, we are always hungry for more, and I am proud to be here among you all! Have a great week and keep being awesome!


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