“Our standard is giving more than what’s expected.”


Last week, spring arrived in Michigan in full force! We all expected temperatures to start rising in the last few weeks, and they did. They even made it to the 80s a couple of times, which is way more than we expected! It was pretty cool to receive more than we expected, wasn’t it?

I was able to finally go on some walks outdoors, which I enjoy. I was also able to get some sun exposure, which always makes me feel better. I’m sure many of you experienced the same. Unfortunately, just a few days later, it actually got cold again and even snowed briefly… 🙁

It’s always a good feeling, though, to receive or experience more than what you expect. As I am writing this, I am in Dallas, Texas. I am here attending a semi-annual event where the corporate leaders of our industry meet and have a private day-long session. I have been attending these for many years, so I sort of know what to expect when I attend.

I usually know that I can expect to see old friends I have made over the years, and we will definitely catch up. I always expect to meet new people and exchange contact details as well. I also have come to expect something else, but it still blows me away every single time.

As I sit in this room with 100 of our competitors, it still blows me away that they have the willingness to share openly with all of us. Throughout the day, we discuss different topics, and we all have a chance to give our input and share ideas. This is something that we have all learned to expect over the years, including me, but I don’t think we realize how awesome it is.

This time was a little different though, and it really has me feeling grateful. I have had so many people speak to me privately in the last two days while I was here. They have shared with me that the things that I have shared in the past have really helped them and their companies. They feel they need to reciprocate, so they have been sharing even more than usual with me, LOL!

I really didn’t expect to hear that from them, and I really didn’t expect them to take such an interest in our success. We literally have tons of our competitors rooting for us! This is a testament to each and every single one of you. There are many who love what we stand for and what we are trying to accomplish.

Of course, it made me feel good, and I was grateful for the information and the conversations, but it also reminded me why giving more than what is expected is so important. It’s very easy to come to events like this and forget people’s names, but because they gave me more than what I expected, I will remember.

It’s also easy to come to these things and forget the venue where they took place, but because I received more than I expected, I will definitely remember. I usually forget what topics are covered at similar events as well, but again, because I received more than I expected, I’m going to remember all of them. Not only am I going to remember all of them, but I’m going to share them with others.

The point I’m trying to make here is this: When we give people more than what is expected, we stand out. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business transaction, a friendship, or just a simple smile. When we give people more than what they expect, it makes them feel good. They remember it, and they tell other people about it like I’m doing now.

Please remember this when you’re doing anything! People have come to expect certain things in certain situations, but if you can exceed those expectations, you can definitely create some advocates for yourself or your organization.

The next time you do anything that involves another human being, try to give them more than what they expect. I think you will start to realize that people really do appreciate that, and all of a sudden, they will create some huge fans for you in your life. Eventually, this will mean more success for you!

What does this really teach us? It teaches us and reminds us that whatever we are looking for, we have to give to others, and if we do, it will always come full circle eventually. They call it the law of reciprocity. Try it out!

Just keep on blessing people, and your blessings will come! Thank you for reading, and please have an amazing week. I pray God continues to bless you and your families.


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