“Our standard is giving more than what’s expected”
Hello from the home of The 15 Day Challenge!  I thought it fitting this week to write about the 15 day challenge 2.0, or the “enter to win challenge” that many of us now call it.  This challenge has already taken the world by storm, now it gets even better and delivers way more than people expect!
The 15 day challenge launched a little less than a year ago.  Its first 10 months have been life changing for so many and it has even surprised us here at TLC with the impact that it has made.  Still we knew that it could reach more people and be more powerful if we figured out a way to include everyone. That’s when we realized as a team that we needed the 15 day challenge 2.0.  
A few weeks after it was an idea we decided to make it a reality and the enter to win challenge was born to help bring more awareness and excitement to the 15 day challenge. Before I continue, maybe I should explain what the 15 day challenge is.  Many people don’t ask because they assume it’s just a weight loss challenge, which for some it may be but for most it’s about challenging yourself to say yes to you for just 15 days.
The 15 day challenge is an opportunity for you to work on you for 15 days.  Not just the physical you but the mental and the spiritual side of you as well.   Many have taken on the challenge to lose some weight and have found that what they have gained is far more valuable than any weight they have lost.
Many people, without even expecting it, have gained energy, self esteem, purpose, accountability, new friends and a new found belief in themselves.  All of this is making them be better Mothers, Fathers, siblings, friends, co-workers, etc.  The challenge ladies and gentlemen is changing lives totally, not just on the scale.
Things were already going great and so many people were being transformed so why did we need to change any of it?  Well basically there were two different reasons.   Number one many people were telling us that they wanted to do it really badly but they just couldn’t afford the products right now.   Reason number two that we knew we needed to change was we realized that the 15 day challenge community was so powerful and such an important part of people’s lives but it’s so hard to sell someone on how powerful the community is if they’ve never been part of a beautiful community like ours.
So we went to the drawing board and we kept on talking about ideas and how we can get more people involved and lower the price. We knew that if we got them in our system somehow they would accidentally meet all the beautiful people that we have here at TLC and it would help improve their life.
We realized what it is we could do and we called everyone in to let them know what the new 15 day challenge looks like.   The 15 day challenge was not changing but a few major things were!
The first thing we decided was let’s let people do the challenge without making them purchase any products.
The second thing we decided was let’s give people a chance to win up to $1,000 each week when they complete the challenge and up to $25,000 later if they place first, second, or third in one of our weekly contests.
So now whether you purchase a product or not you can enter the 15 day challenge officially.   Once you enter you will do your 15 days to the best of your ability and then you will submit your results.   These results can include weight loss, inches loss, or anything that you have gained during the 15 days along with a short summary of your experience.   Every week we will pick the three most powerful transformations and share their stories and let the 15 day challenge community vote on the winner for the week who would receive $1000.
We also decided all three finalists in our weekly broadcast will automatically be eligible for our top 36 which would compete for $25,000 every quarter.  So basically now even if you don’t have any money you can enter the challenge and possibly win $1000 every week or $25,000.  Did I mention that this money is cash?
The 15 day challenge just went to another level!  Now it is definitely giving more than what people expected.   We launched this new enter to win challenge nine days ago and the popularity has been amazing.   Many people are excited and so many have entered the challenge that have never been part of Total Life Changes before.   This is how we will reach millions of people and help them live a better life which has been the goal for 20 years.
Some of you already know everything I just wrote about but some of you do not.  Some of you know how near and dear this challenge is to me and some of you don’t.  I am asking all of you to share this “enter to win challenge” with anybody that you can think of that you care about.  I also would love it if you could consider doing the challenge at least once for 15 days with intention.
If you have not taken a 15 day challenge seriously or have not done it at least once please don’t do it for me.  I would prefer that you do it for you but I absolutely want you to do it because I love you.   I want you to be here for a long time and I want you to feel great every day that you’re here on this planet.   I know it doesn’t seem like 15 days is enough time to change your life but we’ve got thousands of testimonies to prove it.
So what do you think?   Are you up for the challenge?  I can promise you that if you do it with intention you’ll be able to lose or gain almost everything you expect and then some.   So what are you waiting for?   Doesn’t improving your life sound good?   I’m begging you to trust me and do this challenge and I’m also asking you to get the word out that we believe in total body wellness so much that we are willing to give out $25,000 cash prizes to prove it.
Please visit or share the enter to win challenge website where everyone can officially enter and start their total life change.  
All they have to do is give us their name, email, and phone number.   And agree that they will try to do 30 minutes of some sort of exercise every day and drink half their body weight in water every day.  If they are willing to do that then they are eligible for all the cash and prizes.
I want to thank you for your consideration this week and for your courage to share this amazing and absolutely free opportunity with the people you know and love.   You don’t even have to ask them to buy anything anymore so I know in my heart any of us can do this now.
I want nothing but the best for the people of the world and I know that the 15 day challenge can get them on the right track.
I am very grateful for any amount of support that you have already given to this initiative and I thank you in advance for all of your efforts in the future.   We have a destiny here at TLC to change lives and leave a legacy behind and we are well on our way.  
Thank you so much for reading and please have a great week.  Please find it in your heart to share this challenge because I know the people that you introduced to it will thank you for it later.   
And now an update for those of you that have been praying for me and sending me well wishes.  I continue my recovery from my surgery and I want you all to know that I am recovering at a quick enough pace to get back to a semi-normal routine next week.   For those of you that work in the same building as me I can’t wait to look you in the eye and share a message of the day with you.   For those of you that I don’t have the pleasure of working with in the same building every day I can’t wait to see you on zoom or on social media.   My family and I are very grateful for all the prayers and all the support that we have received. It has been very overwhelming but beautiful.  See you all soon.

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