“We are always hungry for more.”

Happy Wednesday to everyone! Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a 15 Day Challenge event in Washington DC. This was the first of many 15 Day Challenge events that we have planned for the future. They are smaller events (100 people) that are geared towards health and fitness, community, and fun!

The 15 Day Challenge is something that we have been doing here at TLC for many months now. The challenge itself is easy to understand. People commit to taking three products, walking or exercising for 30 minutes, and drinking more water for 15 days.

Many have had great results doing this, and as expected, weight loss is a common result. What was less expected were the other results that people have been reporting and the powerful community that has been created. Improved self-esteem, smiling more, confidence, a sense of purpose, overcoming depression, more energy, and new friendships are reported to us daily.

It has been beautiful to see, and the stories have been great to hear. Last weekend was an opportunity for our staff and many of those 15-day stories to spend time together. We meditated, learned more about the challenge, created a new contest, heard from a nutritionist and a fitness coach, and did a group ‘glow’ workout. It was lots of fun and very memorable.

The attendees loved it, and the TLC staff had a great experience as well. As I said, we have been doing this for a while, and yet it never gets old. We seem to always be hungry for more when it comes to The 15 Day Challenge. We have heard thousands of stories, talked about it thousands of times, and spent time away from our families and friends to support it, but we keep doing it.

Why do you think this is? Well, having a great 15-day result is one reason, but I do not believe it’s the main reason. I believe that The 15 Day Challenge gives many of us a sense of purpose. It gives us a reason to be happy, feel fulfilled, and help others achieve their goals. There is something about having a purpose that not only keeps us hungry but also keeps us energized.

We left Saturday night to travel home and could not wait to do it again, which we will be doing Saturday this week in San Antonio, Texas. After that, we will head to Chicago for another one and plan on doing 3-4 more in the near future. All of those while still supporting, celebrating, and doing The 15 Day Challenge ourselves. It will NOT get old, it will NOT get boring, and it will not stop.

It is the purpose for us, and it has filled our hearts with joy. Are you struggling to stay hungry in your life? Do you find yourself quitting or stopping? It may be because you have not found something that fills your purpose. If that sounds right, then maybe all you need is to do The 15 Day Challenge! It may be what you are looking for, and you might not even know it! Say yes to yourself for 15 days today and start making a total life change.

Thank you to all the men and women who have made The 15 Day Challenge the fastest-growing movement globally! We are hungry for more transformations and hungry for more purpose and can’t wait to do it with you! What are you waiting for? Have you taken the 15-day challenge? Join us today; you won’t regret it!

Thank you for reading; see you in Texas!

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