“Our standard is giving more than what is expected”


Today as I sit down to write this message, I realized that I have not written about The 15 Day Challenge in one of my weekly messages.  For the last six months, that has been on my mind many, many times.  It has also been the subject of most of my conversations.   So, this is the week I finally write about it here!  Better late than never, as they say.


Why does The 15 Day Challenge fit with this core value?  It’s simple: because most people take the challenge expecting maybe to lose a couple of pounds or shrink a couple of inches, but what they surprisingly find out later is that The 15 Day Challenge gives them much more than they expected.  


Many people have experienced higher energy levels, better self-esteem and self-confidence, a sense of purpose, a new smile, and a newfound love for life.  The irony is that almost none of them expected those things, but they later share them with others.  That is the reason why The 15 Day Challenge is becoming so well known around the world.


Today I am traveling in the Greensboro, North Carolina area.  I flew into town today because I have some business to take care of here tomorrow.   I knew that I had about 90 minutes of free time this evening so I started thinking about how I could use that time wisely.   After some thought, I decided I would love to connect with local Life Changers in the area and see if they wanted to meet and talk.


I made a simple video inviting people to connect with me and was surprised that, with such late notice, ten people showed up to meet me in the lobby of the hotel where I was staying.   I will be honest and admit that I had not thought this through, so I had no idea what we would talk about during those 90 minutes.  As everyone arrived and started sitting down, they all naturally started talking about The 15 Day Challenge and how it had affected them and people they knew.


As they all took turns sharing their own 15 Day Challenge stories and stories of others, I couldn’t help but smile.  Everyone kept sharing how blown away they were with the extra results and benefits that they never expected.  It definitely was music to my ears because The 15 Day Challenge is so personal for me and because I want to see people succeed.


As everyone took turns sharing their story and talking about their results, I realized something.   I realized that the reason why people were getting more than they expected is less about the products and more about the people that they were exposed to during The Challenge. 


The 15 Day Challenge is definitely giving people more than they expected, but the main reason they like it is because it is giving people access to amazing accountability partners.  They are really good people who are encouraging and supportive and willing to listen or give advice for the whole 15 days for no reason other than simply wanting to help other people succeed.  That is something that no one expects.  I mean, when you spend $99 for a weight loss system, you really don’t expect to have access to such great people, but that’s exactly what happens.


I also personally experienced something that I did not expect today.  Nicholas Padilla, Bobby Patterson, LaShawn Williamson, and Deidre Mebane are a few of the ten Life Changers that showed up today to meet me.  What I received from them today was way more than I expected. I expected to hear about them and how they were doing, but instead, they spent most of their time talking about how other people had been impacted in a positive way by The 15 Day Challenge.   


I did not expect this to happen, and that is why I will remember this day forever.   The great people who showed up to meet me might not realize it, but they gave me a gift today.  They blessed me with a renewed sense of purpose and a reminder that what we are doing here at Total Life Changes with The 15 Day Challenge is the right thing to do. 


People are accepting The 15 Day Challenge and they are expecting some results.  But the results they ultimately receive are way more than they imagined.   Likewise, I met with some people today and I received way more than I expected.


When people receive more than they expect, they are impressed and that helps them remember it forever because of the way it made them feel.  The way The 15 Day Challenge is making people feel is how I know in my heart that what we are doing is divine in nature.   Giving people more than what they expect creates a beautiful environment in which they also start to receive more than they expect.  That is what I am seeing and feeling here at Total Life Changes, and I am grateful.


If you are reading this and you have never taken The 15 Day Challenge, I really pray this week that you will strongly consider it. This Challenge is really changing people’s lives mentally, physically, and spiritually. You must try it, please!  I will even do it with you if I need to, but please say yes to yourself for 15 days and let’s see where it leads you. I’m pretty sure you will receive more than what you expect.


I wish you and your families a happy Easter week and I hope you have an amazing holiday.   I pray that you enjoy this weekend and I also pray that on Monday, April 18th, you will be ready for The 15 Day Challenge because that would be a great day for you to start!


Thank you for reading. I am grateful for you!


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