“We don’t just do what’s easy; we do what’s right.”

Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for all of you and will think of you all as I sit with my family on Thursday for Thanksgiving dinner. I pray you have a fantastic holiday week with friends and family!

This week many of us will travel near and far to be with loved ones and friends. We will spend money, take time off work, sacrifice our own free time, drive many hours, fly coach on an airplane and do whatever we have to be where we need to be this week.

It can be stressful. Before we even get to our destination, we worry about the money, get tired, argue with travel mates, etc. Finally, we arrive, we spend the time, and we are grateful we did so. Why would we do this? Why wouldn’t we make it easy, cheap and quick and get on Zoom or FaceTime with each other? I mean, it’s a lot easier and less stress, right?

The simple answer: WE TRIED THAT ALREADY! 2020 taught us a great lesson beyond the fact that we are mortal. 2020 taught us that we are human, and humans need each other! For so many years, we took for granted that we could go anywhere and see anyone whenever we wanted, and one day it all stopped.

We realized that what we have been taking for granted for so long and complaining about is something we loved and missed. It is vital to our mental well-being and sense of fulfillment, and we somehow got into the habit of complaining about it.

This year, I am sure that many will go through hardship to be with family and friends, but many will not care about that. We will do whatever we need to do, even if it’s hard because it’s the right thing to do and not just for them but us! Please soak it all in this year. Hug everyone a little tighter, speak a little more festively and smile a little wider because we missed this! It won’t be easy, but it will seem easier than ever for some of us, and that will be a great feeling!

This year I am asking you all for a favor. It won’t be easy for some of you, but it is the right thing to do. PLEASE start your holiday dinner this year in this manner. I ask you to inspire each person in attendance to take turns saying what you are grateful for this year. Do it before you eat or when all the guests have arrived.

Starting your holiday and the holiday season with gratitude will have a magical effect. The food will taste better, the day will seem better, and that uncle that you usually don’t look forward to seeing will seem nicer and more normal. I promise you the energy in that room will be great, and you will have a great day! Try it for me!

I wish you all a blessed week, and I thank you for reading and reflecting on each week with me. I am truly grateful to all of you, and I give thanks to all of you for being in my life.

God, Family and TLC is something we often say here, and TLC taught me that when it comes to God, Family or TLC, I should always do the right thing and not what’s easy. I hope you do the same but not just this week, every week!

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