Happy New Year!  We made it to another year; we are blessed!

“Passion is our fuel.”

Passion! It’s what your parents and teachers tell you to find when you are growing up. They say, “Go find your passion, and you will never work another day in your life.” We listen and believe that we need to hurry up and find this magical “passion” out there somewhere that will change our lives.

We look high and low for it. We choose friends, schools and workplaces based on it, and sometimes years and years go by, and we wonder why we have not found it and start to feel like we never will.

I sometimes struggle to find our passion or what we are passionate about because we are looking too hard. We look outside of ourselves for it. We think it will be found in another person or place, but the reality, in my opinion, is that our passion is in a more obvious place, inside of us, but we never look there!

It might sound crazy, but that Passion they tell us to look for and find is in the last place we look (inside of us) because it’s not something you can see, it can only be felt, and we ignore those feelings for so long sometimes. What makes you happy? What makes you smile?  What is the thing you would do for free every day if you did not need money? Do you love babysitting? Do you enjoy coaching? Does cleaning make you happy? Is storytelling or writing something that you enjoy?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, why are you not trying to figure out how to make a living doing what you love and making you happy instead of doing something every day you dread?

It’s not just a job that this pertains to, though. If you enjoy playing soccer, but all your friends enjoy golf, maybe you can find some new friends who like soccer and join a team with them? I think you deserve that!

I could go on with the examples, but I think you get my point; life is short, so I think it’s important to notice the feeling our passions give us and realize that is what will get us out of bed every day.

We are told to find our passions as if we should LOOK for them with our eyes, but we should try many things, listen to our hearts, and pay attention to how things make us feel!

When you figure out what your passion is, then you share that with the world!  Be enthusiastic about it and tell everyone why you are passionate about it because you never know what can happen next; here is an example that happened to me:

In 1994 I met Jack Fallon. He spent the better part of the next five years trying to convince me that network marketing and personal development were essential things that I must consider. For whatever reasons, I would not listen, but then in 1999, everything changed for me! What changed, you might ask?

Well, Jack had an idea, and he shared it with me. His idea was a product that would later be called NutraBurst®! He did not have a plan, he didn’t have a name for the product, and he didn’t have much money, but he had passion.

I ‘stopped’ and listened for the first time in 5 years because when Jack came to work that day at the factory where we worked together, something was different about him. He had passion radiating from his pores. He was smiling; he could hardly contain himself.

He kept talking about liquid vitamins and minerals and how good they were for people, how it could help people, how they were so superior to capsules and tablets, and how unfair he thought it was that nobody was offering a high-quality liquid vitamin for people and how he wanted to figure out how to do just that.

I was not passionate about Vitamins, but his Passion was so great to see and so inspiring that it made me stop and listen. It made me want to figure out a way to help; this was one of many of the small things that took place in my history with Jack that started to pave the way for me to become a part of TLC, and I thank God for those moments.

I will never forget how passionate he was that day and how it made me excited for him and made me want to help. This is why to this very day, when its time for anyone to talk about a product, create an ad, ship a package, answer an email, or whatever needs to be done, I always say, “I don’t need the most qualified, I need the guy or girl with the most passion, they will do well and inspire others to help, I know this in my heart.

In closing, I remind you that Passion is not just something you find, but something once found should be shared. I think about how Jack shared his Passion with me about Nutraburst and how that somehow helped me eventually become a shipping clerk, a customer service agent, a commissions analyst, trainer, and ultimately COO of this fantastic community.

What if he didn’t share his Passion that day the way he did?  What if I was not attracted to it?  I sometimes imagine that without that Passion that Jack shared, I would not be here right now writing this message, and that makes me very scared that I almost missed out on serving all of you and doing what I love every day, which is helping people. Jack Fallon helped me find my passion by sharing his.

Are you sharing your passions with others or staying quiet because you think nobody else has the same passion as you? I suggest you speak up and do it with passion every day! That is what I do and will continue to do every day because I believe that passionate people are the ones that change the world, and I need help, so I need you to ‘STOP” and feel it, recognize it, and join the mission!

We help people with lots of different tools here at TLC. We have great products, a great community, and excellent business and employment opportunities, but our most important tool is Passion, which fuels us every day!

Thank you for reading; now share your passion today and every day. No matter what it is, you might find that others have that same passion, but they don’t know it!

Thank you for reading, have a great week!

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