“Passion is our fuel.”

They say discovering your passion is so important, and I agree. It is awesome, but I have found something that is an even better feeling: helping others find their passion. It is no secret that the 15-day challenge is something I am passionate about, and I constantly try to make people excited about it. I can honestly say that I never expected people to be as passionate as me about it because I consider myself a 15-day challenge nerd, and I don’t expect others to be that way.

I admit that I have had low expectations for others in the last several months regarding how they feel about the challenge. I just figured if they were half as passionate as me, that would be enough. What I found out in the last several weeks has surprised me and made me happy.

I will name a few people here but please know so many of you have also surprised and pleased me regarding this. First off, I have been impressed with Rosa Gonzalez. She has always been passionate about TLC, but her passion for the 15 Day Challenge and our weekly show has really been a blessing for me. Evan Brengman has also always supported me, but he has really stepped up and become a coach and a huge part of everything as well.

Natalie Paramo and the UX/IT team have also been a breath of fresh air. I was hoping they would be okay with all the last-minute crazy decisions and changes that I throw their way, and to my surprise, they have been happy to figure out how to make it all work and have done it with a great attitude.

I recently met with Scott Bania and the marketing team on several occasions and expected I would need to explain to them why all of this was so important. I was hoping to fire them up about it, but I found that they were already fired up and doing a great job of getting me excited!

Recently after a weekly show, I was inspired by how Adriana and our Social Media team and Sebastian and our AV team expressed their passion for making our weekly show better during a post-production meeting. They shared their ideas and feedback and their genuine desire to get better or make the show better, and it made me realize how passionate they are about this!

Nick Navarro and the Customer service team have done a great job of letting all of our customers know about our 15-day challenge, and I never feel like they are reading a script when they do so. It all feels so passionate. They also seem to love when we run a promotion, making them very busy on the phones. It’s nice to see them excited.

Sabrina and our compliance team have been awesome too! I expected less enthusiasm from them because the challenge sometimes brings us into some borderline grey areas of compliance, but they have been so supportive and taught us how to share a great story safely, and they are passionate about it! Also, many of them sit on our weekly selection committee for our $25,000 giveaway. I did not expect them to be as passionate as I am while selecting, but I was wrong! They are very passionate, to say the least.

I definitely expected to receive some negative feedback or at least some pushback from Ileana and Joe in our legal department because of the money we are giving away and the complexity of the contest. I was so impressed with their willingness to make it all work that they, too, are passionate about this, just like me.

Lucy Sandoval and Rosa Gonzalez have done a great job making sure our international teams and life-changers understood the 15-day challenge, and they do! I also hoped those international employees or Life Changes would be half as passionate as me but realized they are just as passionate as me!

Kurt and our shipping department have done a great job of ensuring they send each 15-day kit out perfectly and with love! They have also surprised me with their passion and knowledge of the challenge! Tricia Crawford and our events team have also made our events all 15 Day Challenge oriented, and it has been fun. The ideas for the next events are so exciting!

There are so many others that I could name here, and I may have missed some, but I am not just writing this to recognize people. I am trying to prove a point about passion here.

The point is quite simply this. When I thought of the 15 Day Challenge and discussed it with Jack, I was so passionate about it, and he noticed, and we decided to go all in. That doesn’t mean we expected everyone else to fully understand or be as passionate about it as I am, but once everyone understood it and started doing their part, they became as passionate, if not more passionate than me.

The point is that if one person can be passionate about something consistently and share the reason why they are passionate every day, then they just might help others become passionate about it too. Then those people inspire others, and so on and so forth! Now we have a movement with tens of thousands of people, and we inspire each other with our passion daily.

This message is not intended to be a training on the 15-day challenge or bring more attention to it but rather an example of how passion can be infectious. I don’t want any of you ever to catch a disease, but if you catch the passion bug, I am okay with it! It will bring you joy and purpose, and that leads to happiness.

What are you passionate about? The ending of world hunger? Your religion or your culture? Are you passionate about teaching others or helping people live a better life? My question to you is, have you told anyone? And if you have, are you doing it passionately? I sure hope so because I know if you do, you will convert some of them into that same passion that you have so long as your passion remains consistent and strong!

I want to thank you for reading this week, and I want to thank you for being publicly passionate about what it is you are passionate about. A life with passion is a beautiful life. God bless all of you, and have a great and passionate week!

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