“Passion Is our fuel.”

How does someone know what their passion is? Whatever brings you uncontrollable emotion, that is what it is! Many times we wonder what our passion is, and we ‘search’ for it because that is what we are told to do. The reality is that passion is not something you find or have to look for. Passion is whatever brings you uncontrollable emotion, so you should already know what it is.

Last week my dad turned 92 years old. It’s a blessing to have him in my life still, and many times I remember all the things he has taught me, and I am grateful. Someone asked me on his birthday what he is passionate about. I immediately answered, gardening and soccer!

That is not a mystery to me or anyone that knows him. This is because that’s all he talks about (uncontrollably). That’s how you know it’s real; you can’t fake that! It’s impossible to fake passion.

I believe a major reason that my dad has been blessed with 92 years is that he has a passion that has also become a purpose. His love for gardening is something he will tell you about if you ask and even if you don’t. It’s uncontrollable for him, but it is also a purpose. He feels responsible for his plants and takes great care of them, and he feels responsible for growing fresh fruits and vegetables that my mother can cook with.

Passion and purpose are what keep him going and what will keep you going. So I ask you one more time… what is your passion? I have an additional question, though. Has it become your purpose? My father’s passion has kept him happy but the fact that it became his purpose kept him alive. I believe that, and I know it’s true for all of us.

We all have a passion or two. We are told to find it, but they should be telling us instead to actually find a purpose that we can attach our passion to. If you find that, you will find life! Think about how you can turn your passion into a purpose this week. I want you to come to life and live your best life! I know if you do this, you will jump out of bed every day and inspire so many around you!

I was aware enough to realize that helping people was my passion a long time ago. As soon as I turned my passion into a purpose through TLC, I started aging backward! Don’t believe me? Come visit me, and you will see me talk uncontrollably about serving people and jump out of bed every day and live! I want that for you, but you gotta want that for you!

It’s your time to find your purpose and let your passion shine! At TLC, passion is our fuel, and as soon as you attach your passion to our purpose, you will come to life! Just like the company name says, Total Life Changes! It’s time for you to make a total life change, and it all starts by attaching your passion to a purpose, and there is no better place than here!

Have a great week, and thank you for reading!

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