“Passion is our Fuel.”

Have you ever found yourself watching a cooking show on TV even though you are not passionate about cooking? Have you ever bought something at a kiosk in a shopping mall that you didn’t need or want and tried to figure out why later on?

I can tell you that both examples and many more are usually for one primary reason: PASSION! I am not big on cooking as a hobby, and even watching TV is not a big priority for me, but I remember the first time I saw Emeril Lagasse cooking on his show. I could feel his passion and enthusiasm through the TV, and it made me stop and watch, not because I was happily watching him cook, but because I was happy seeing him be happy, and it made me keep watching him.

I once purchased two hair straighteners for my kids, even though they didn’t need them. The girl selling them was so passionate about their quality, their functionality, which was more than usual hair irons have. And she just loved the look and felt so much that she begged others to hold the iron, and while they did, she continued her discussion on how great the iron was, and guess what? I bought two of them because both my daughters were inspired by her passion as well.

Do you see the trend here? Passion is the constant emotion that inspires many of us to look at something, buy something or listen to something we usually are not interested in. That’s because most of us are interested in happiness for others and good energy for ourselves.

Many of you have heard my personal story, but one part of my story that I skipped telling for so many years but started to share more often lately is when Jack Fallon told me about Nutraburst®. I heard Jack talk about network marketing and personal development for years and always ignored it, BUT when he said to me about Nutraburst® and how he wanted to have it made, something was different!

He was so excited about it and so passionate when he explained that people needed a better vitamin. “It absorbs in the body better,” he would tell me! “Capsules and tablets don’t absorb well, and that is not right,” he would say. “People are gonna feel so much better,” he would yell! “And this can help so many people,” he would scream!

This passion is exactly what made me pay attention, and what also made me decide that I wanted Jack to win and make that vitamin. It ultimately led me to eventually help my friend create a fantastic community of phenomenal people that I am honored to be a small part of.

What about you? Are you passionate about anything? Are you getting people to stop and watch, listen, or feel the energy you are transferring? If not, maybe that is why people are not noticing you, buying what your selling, or even stopping and saying hello; it may just be that you’re not passionate enough to be noticed or to inspire others to listen.

I believe we all have a passion for something inside us, but people won’t notice it if we don’t share it. If I didn’t see Jack’s passion for Nutraburst®, I would not be writing this email today. Instead, I would probably be trying to make it through another long day in the factory. Thanks, Jack!

Go, be passionate about YOU, so the world can stop and see how great you are and what you have to offer!

God bless, and thanks for reading!


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