“We are always hungry for more.”


Growing up with ethnic parents had its advantages (Italian food was one of them), and it also had its disadvantages. One of the disadvantages was the fact that there were weather proverbs
we learned at school that I had never heard from my family, so I didn’t truly understand them.

Two proverbs that they would say frequently to us in school, especially around this time of year, were “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb” and “April showers bring May flowers.”

As a young schoolboy, I sort of knew what they meant, but I also thought it was cool that they rhymed, so I would say them often. As I grew older, I realized the first one meant that March usually starts out cold and windy, but the month usually ends milder and calmer.

The second was a little easier to understand for me. Of course, it meant that it usually rains a lot in April, but it’s okay because it will help the flowers grow in May. As I grew older, I started to realize there was another meaning to these proverbs. They both also meant that just because times are not great now, just remember that soon, things will change if you just hold on.

That is the message I have for all of you today. I am not sure if it’s cold and windy in your life right now or if there are rainstorms that seem to never end. Either way, just remember that on the other side is calmness and sunshine! You just need to push through these times so you can enjoy the good stuff on the other side!

I personally feel that I have not had many victories lately in many aspects of my life, and maybe you feel that way, too. The rainstorms just keep coming, and it seems like the sun will never come out. I catch myself wondering if they ever will. I am here to remind you that no matter what you are going through, this too shall pass, and greater times lie ahead.

What keeps me going through these rainstorms of life, you might be thinking? It’s simple: the memories of the good times. The peace, joy, and happiness. I am hungry for more of those times! So how do I get there again? Well, there is only one way, and that is to keep going through the not-so-good times.

Eventually, the rain will stop, and the wind will die down in our lives. It will stop being cold, and we will start to see the beautiful things in our lives start to pop up again, just like the May flowers. You need to keep pushing though so you can enjoy those times!

I am always hungry for more good times in life, and that keeps me going through the storms. I hope you can reflect on some of those great times you have had as well today and use those memories to keep you going through whatever storms you might be dealing with right now because they can’t last forever! As long as you can outlast the storm, you win, and you get to smell the roses!

Thanks for reading and have a great week! God bless you!


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