Happy March! Soon the winter will end, and spring will arrive. The grass will turn green, and the flowers will bloom.

“We don’t just do what’s easy, we do what’s right.”

Lately, it’s been hard to focus. The last week we have been reminded daily, if not hourly, that the people of the country of Ukraine have been under siege. The Russian military invaded their country, and they have been under constant fear since then. Many have lost their lives, and many have fled their country.

Because of TLC, I have met some amazing people from Ukraine. And we even have Ukrainians that work with the company at TLC HQ here in the United States. This has made this war feel a little closer to home than it would have otherwise for me. And I’m sure for others as well. Anna Kuriata, Wojciech Slusarcsyk, Elena Minchenko and Olga Kovalchuk are four that I get to work with every day at TLC HQ. Kate Rozlach, Konstantin Shatov, Artem Putilovsky and Anastasia Yanovskaya are serving TLC in our Ukraine office, and I am honored to serve with them. Maxim Stognushko and Sergey Popov are a few Life Changers that I have met that bring awareness to TLC in Ukraine. All of them are amazing people that I am glad to know.

I have been constantly worried about the people of Ukraine, the people that I know, and the rest of the world. This has made me frozen at times in the last week. It has made it difficult to do my daily tasks, knowing that this has been going on. I have found strength in his core value because I have reminded myself daily that I need to do the right thing. The right thing for me has been two separate things.

The first thing is the realization that we must pray. So many of us want to help, and we are limited on what we can do. Even sending money and supplies does not have an easy solution right now. One thing we can all do is pray and inspire others to do the same. It has not been easy, but I have reminded myself and others many times to pray.

The second thing that has not been easy to do is to continue to do my best every day. I have realized that in addition to praying, one of the best things I can do is continue to help do my part to do what I can to keep TLC going. Right now, my family, friends, and coworkers from Ukraine need us to continue working hard so when this war is over and peace returns, they can see a TLC that they are used to, not one that has changed. A TLC that is stronger, not one that has weakened, and a TLC that is united, not one that is divided.

This has not been an easy week for me or the TLC family. Still, it is not even close to how hard it has been for Anna Kuriata, Wojciech Slusarcsyk, Olga Kovalchuk, Kate Rozlach, Konstantin Shatov, Anastasia Yanovskaya, Maxim Stognushko, Sergey Popov, and the people of Ukraine.

We salute each of you and remind you to keep fighting, keep going, and keep praying. We are united with you, and we love you. What man creates God can stop, but man has to ask God to stop it. That’s why we pray, and I ask you to help us do it daily! It might not be easy, but it’s the right thing to do!

If you have the pleasure of knowing the people I mentioned or anyone from Ukraine, please remind them this week that they are loved, and we are praying with them!

Thank you for reading and for believing in love and prayer.

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