“Passion is our fuel.”

I am still flying high from the weekend! It was Father’s day last Sunday, and it was an extra special one for me. I hope all the Dads reading this had a great one as well! I was able to spend time with my kids, which is not always easy anymore because they are either working or going to school all the time, so that was great. I also spent the day with my Dad, who is 92 years old.

I am very grateful to still have my Dad here with us, and I enjoy spending time with him and talking. He is a little slower than he used to be physically, and he gets tired sometimes but not when we talk about something he is passionate about. I know I had written about him before and even shared some of his passions, and this week I will share his passion for gardening again.

My Father loves soccer, food, family, and home improvement projects. He has always been passionate about those things, but none of those come close to the passion he has for gardening. On Sunday, we talked and discussed many topics as a family. The weather, politics, the economy, and gas prices all came up, but as we talked, Dad seemed disinterested and tired. He even yawned a few times while we talked.

Then one small change in the discussion, and my Dad became energetic, enthusiastic, and downright smiley! What was the change? Well, my sister asked what he thought about her tomato plants, and that’s all it took. He almost jumped out of his chair to check them out. He analyzed them and started giving advice on how and where to prune them to make the tomatoes better. He started giving instructions on how often to water them and even specific instructions on which fertilizer to use.

He was definitely happy to be talking about this! It brought him to life and made him so excited. This is something we all need to be aware of and we should all learn from and that is passion! Passion gives us life and makes us feel alive! It can quickly take our energy levels and enthusiasm through the roof like it did for Dad. The rest of the day was spent talking about gardening and all the years of it and what years had the best crop.

It was amazing to hear that he remembered how well the green beans had grown four years ago and how big the eggplants were in 2013. I was so impressed that he knew that but realized that his passion is what helped him remember it all. We need to be passionate about something in life, all of us. Once we figure out what that is, we need to do it, talk about it, share it, and live it as much as possible. This will help us feel alive every day and keep us alive every day.

We all have something we are passionate about but are we tapping into it daily or at least weekly? Most of us find ourselves passionless, and it makes us feel so blah! We can learn from my Dad and others in our life that continue to chase their passions regardless of age or whatever situation they are in. Passion is not only important; it is vital for our survival and our fulfillment every day.

I have also found my passion, and I love it. My passion is helping people find health, confidence, happiness, and belief in themselves. Being part of TLC helps me do that every day, and it gives me so much energy too! It never gets old for me, and I always look forward to doing more of it. This is how I want you to feel, too, and I challenge you to do so. What is your passion? Are you doing it often?

I want you to be aware of your passion and then do it as much as possible. If you still feel like you don’t have a passion, it’s okay; it just means you have not tried enough things yet! Keep trying new things, meet new people, and have an open mind, and your passion will be found. When you do find it make sure you do it often, just like Dad does. It will bring you joy, and it will seem effortless.

At TLC, passion for providing a total life change to people is our fuel. It helps us do what we do with a smile every day, and that’s what success should look like. Thank you for joining us on this journey and helping us with our passion, and hopefully, it has rubbed off on you as well because we could sure use some help if it doesn’t just know that eventually, it will.

You see, my Dad has been sharing his passion for gardening with me for years, and for whatever reason, it never rubbed off on me, but Sunday, that changed. His passion, smile, and enthusiasm have inspired me to learn more about gardening and to do it myself. Anything that makes someone that happy is something I at least want to try, which I will do soon so stay tuned!

Thank you for reading, and thank you for sharing your passion with the people around you every day! The world needs your passion, and so do you! Keep being great and keep smiling, please!

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