Core Value Blog Post: “We love eachother period.”

As I sit to write this morning, I have many emotions. I realize that just 90 days ago, things seemed so different in this country and this world than the way they are today.

In late February and early March, we started to become more aware of the danger of the pandemic, and shortly after our way of life and our daily routines changed very quickly. Almost all of us agreed that we needed to keep each other safe, but very few of us realized we would be giving up so many of our freedoms to do so.

In a few short weeks, we witnessed schools, businesses, churches, and workplaces shut down, and we were all ordered to stay home. What we learned very quickly after these shutdowns was that we take things for granted in our daily life. Whether it is going to work every day, enjoying a night out with our family, going to visit parents, a friend who is sick, or even attending a funeral for someone who has passed away quickly was no longer an option.

What I learned during this time was that we needed each other’s love to help us make it through this stay at home and stay safe period. Without those special connections that we take for granted with our friends, our coworkers, and our extended family members every day, it became a tough challenge. We were all scared and very cautious, and we needed the people in our life that made us feel safe or made us feel happy, and we did not have access to them. Our hearts felt empty at times.

Then more recently, as people started to venture outdoors, and life started to return to normal slowly, we were exposed to a terrible tragedy.
A defenseless and compliant black man was killed in front of several witnesses by a white police officer, and this was a terrible tragedy that sparked many emotions throughout the country. Many people were angry and very upset and wanted justice for this man who had been killed. After the initial shock of the tragedy was over, people started to demonstrate peacefully throughout our country to bring attention to the fact that a man died needlessly, and racism was still thriving in this country. Many people were very moved by the events and wanted change.

Most people, of course, chose to protest peacefully and just wanted their voices to be heard and their protest to be seen. They not only wanted justice for the man, but they wanted to bring attention to the fact that these types of tragedies needed to stop.

Of course, we all know that some people chose to leverage the emotion of hate during this time and decide to hurt other people, destroy public and private property, and instill fear into so many people. This leads us to where we are today, where not only our country but the world is watching and hoping and praying for a quick resolution to these ongoing events.

Both of these recent events have made me realize even more that LOVE and only LOVE is what we need when we are scared and lonely like in the quarantine period. LOVE is the only way to instill change in the world when it is necessary, like the situation we find ourselves in today.

At Total Life Changes, my favorite core value is “we love each other period” With love, we can accomplish anything, and with love, I promise this too shall pass. I challenge you to do your part today, this week, this year, and for the rest of your life to use LOVE to inspire change because after all, “We love each other period” is not just something that we say, it’s something that we do!

May God bless us all
Thanks for reading and have a great week

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