“We love each other, period.”

LOVE is a feeling that we all have towards others in our life and it’s a word that we often use when we talk about or talk to others.

We love our family, our friends, and we tell them so. They love us and respond, “I love you too,” and this constant reminder keeps us getting along most of the time, even when we disagree on certain things.

A daughter or son may argue with their parents because they won’t let her stay out late. A wife may argue with a husband who is late for dinner. A friend may disagree with you about politics, but we usually agree that we still love each other in all these scenarios, and life goes on.

2020 and the first weeks of 2021 have continued to be great reminders that we have many U.S.A. and worldwide issues that need to be addressed. Many have taken to the streets to protest on many occasions for many different issues. Politicians have continually argued with each other and proclaimed that their way was the right way and the only way to fix things.

News media outlets continue to argue over who has the real facts every day on the news and discrediting each other.  Even neighbors and co-workers who usually get along very well have become bitter with each other over the mask/no mask debates, thoughts on a vaccine’s safety, and constant arguing over politics and who is right.

As an American, a Christian, and a human who respects everyone’s opinion, I also know that the issues we face as a nation and a world are real. As much as anyone wants to help solve them and make this world a better place for my kids and my grandkids, I am sure everyone does.

Many of the challenges we face today we have little control over, which leads to our frustrations. The one thing that I believe is the number one issue facing the world today is something we can control, and that is LOVE.

Love is patient; love is open-minded and open to compromise. Love is respectful to others. Love is kindness even to strangers. Love is the ultimate gamechanger, and yet love seems almost nonexistent in our world today.

We used to talk to each other, now we yell at each other. We used to respect each other’s views on different topics; now, we make sure others know that if they don’t see things the same way as we do, we are somehow mad at them unless they agree with us. We used to love our country, our state, our city, and our neighborhoods, but now we can’t even get along at home or agree on what the world needs.

My answer to all that ails us is simple; we need love. Constant love does not care if we are right or wrong, just an unwavering love and strong no matter what.

I am sure we can all agree to change significantly; we have all felt that this last year. I believe being separated and not having each other has also made us grow apart and made us feel worse. Hopefully, this improves as things open up later this year, and we remind ourselves how important human interaction is; I believe this will help; we need each other!

Getting back to the LOVE thing, we all know that what is happening right now isn’t working. The hate, the yelling, the posturing, and the fighting is not creating any results and making it worse; it’s time for a new approach, LOVE.

For LOVE to work through, it has to happen on both sides; we all need to get better, but it must start somewhere, and all we can control is us! We must do better and approach the future with a loving heart, PERIOD.

If you look back at all the fantastic people who walked this earth that we can make positive changes you will see that they did it with LOVE. Jesus, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King. What do they have in common? They all changed the world with LOVE and will power to continue to have love in their hearts even when others spit at them, hurt them, ridiculed them, and threatened to kill them. They never wavered and continued to influence change with LOVE every day.

At TLC, we know the power of LOVE. We accept each other for who we are, and we celebrate each other for being exactly who we are. We LOVE each other, period, and we continue to demonstrate that daily in our amazing TLC community; let’s continue that please, the world needs us!

This makes me think. It might be impossible for us to change the world alone, but if we have love in our hearts and continue to attract LOVE into our community, then maybe when all 7 billion people in this world join TLC, we will have a world where LOVE is king and smiles are abundant! We have lots of work to do, but during the process, let’s keep loving each other, period, and I am sure we will see things change; it all starts with us!

Help someone smile this week, remind them that they are loved, even if they are strangers. Hold a door open, buy them lunch, pray for them, help them load their groceries in their car, or give them a free TLC sample with a smile attached to it. Remind people every day that the world is not such a bad place; there are still plenty of people here that LOVE others, period!

I challenge you to LOVE this week and all weeks of your life, no matter what!  We can do this together!

Thanks for reading; I appreciate you!

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