“We love each other period.”

Thank you for joining me for my weekly message. I am always grateful. I am excited to write about my favorite core value today… LOVE!

Last week I attended the Direct Selling University industry conference in Dallas, Texas, with a small team from TLC. We all enjoyed the 2.5-day event very much and learned a lot! There were great speakers and great topics, and we all can’t wait to go back next year!

We all returned to our TLC office in Michigan with new energy, new ideas, and an excitement that has been felt throughout the building. I personally learned many things during the event and was also reminded of things I already knew. One of the most powerful reminders was love!

The event is actually an opportunity to collaborate with other companies and executives in the direct sales industry. Throughout the year, we are all competitors, but at the conference, we all become friends and family for 3 days. Everyone is kind, helpful, smiling, willing to share information, and open to networking!

It is not typical for competitors to do this, but there is a reason why it happens: love! You see, when we are all at the conference for those 3 days, we realize that we are one. We realize that while we may be competitors, we share a business model that might not have the best reputation. We also have many of the same challenges as an industry, and that reminds us that we are the same.

At first glance, this might seem like fake love, but I have been there several times, so I know better. It’s real love, for sure. But why is that love noticeable only once a year? Well, the reason is this: At that moment, we realize we need each other. We understand that we are stronger together and that being with others who experience the same challenges and struggles is actually comforting.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I want you to read the previous paragraph again and imagine that it refers to all the people of earth instead of just a few people from the same industry. Can you imagine if we all felt that way every day just because we realized that we are all humans who live on earth and believe in God?

I mean, that pretty much covers all of us. If we all realized this, we would all love each other. The reason we decide we don’t love each other or even like each other is because we focus on why we are different. The conference is a great example of how when we believe we are the same, we can love each other without issue.

Imagine if we all forgot that we are of different races, genders, political parties, sizes, shapes, religions, and all the other stuff that reminds us we are different. If we realized that being a human who lives on Earth and believes in God covers almost all people, then I think it would be pretty easy to love each other. In the meantime, if we continue to see each other as different, we will continue to struggle to make the world a better place and have love be the center of it all!

I was reminded this week that when we feel that we are surrounded by people who are the same as us, it’s easy to love (even as competitors), but when we forget that, things fall apart quickly! I would love to remind you all this week that love conquers all and that we are all capable of loving each other if we see each other as the same, which we are!

Thank you once again for reading my messages every week and reflecting on them. I hope they occasionally bless you with a fresh perspective on life and help you smile sometimes! I appreciate all of you and wish you an amazing week!


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