“Having fun we get more work done”

In the last couple of years, we have been more worried about our health than ever before.  We have all learned a lot but one thing we already knew is that viruses are contagious and they spread from person to person.  This is not new, we already knew this.

Today I want to talk about something else that is contagious that you shouldn’t be afraid to spread and in fact, you should try everything you can to infect others with it.  That other very contagious thing is laughter.  That is right, laughter is very contagious and you should try to spread it.  It’s hard to not laugh when you hear others genuinely laugh.  It is always great to hear yet we seldom do it.

Many workplaces or communities do not encourage laughter but TLC is definitely not one of them.  Here we encourage laughter and not just because it’s good for your health or because it helps make the day go by faster or because it improves mood.  It is because it is contagious and spreads very easily to others.

For the last 20 years, but the last 10 years specifically we have laughed a lot!  We have worked hard but have had so many laughs and have inspired so many around the world to laugh and smile.  It has been amazing and what I appreciate the most about it is the memories that have come from it.  

I could talk about so many but since I can’t make this too long I will use our executive team here at TLC as an example.  Jack, Scott, Rosa, Lucy, Natalie, Evan, Craig have all felt comfortable enough to laugh here at TLC in their careers.  This has helped them encourage laughter in others and has helped us become a great place to work.  It has also helped us get more work done while having fun!

What I find to be the best part of this is not just the memories and the fun but the achievements.  We have done some amazing things!  We have accomplished more than most companies in our industry and we have even inspired copy cats which is always pretty cool to know.  So when I think of all the laughter over the years I realize it not only helped us become who we are but it made it worth it.

Having success is cool.  Having fun is cool.  Here at TLC, I believe that the fun we had is actually what lead to our success and what helped us attract the great people we have here.  I think back and realize that if we would have been successful without the laughter and without the fun it just would not have been worth it.  I am happy we have been successful but happier that we laughed all along the way.

Life is short and what I have learned here at TLC is that it’s so important to live, love, and laugh every day.  It keeps us young, it keeps us sharp and it keeps us working.  After all, at TLC having fun, we get more work done and when the fun is over, all we have to do to get it started again is laugh.  Then the fun starts again and success and greatness will follow.

Try to laugh out loud more often, you just might infect others with laughter and create an environment of greatness.  I have seen it happen and I encourage it!   Have a great week and thank you for being part of TLC no matter what your role is and remember to keep laughing every day!


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